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$1/3 at Redhawk Casino, Norcal. In for $400 out for $2K+.

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Wasteland Remastered: Third Impressions [Spoilers]

Wasteland Remastered: Third Impressions
I set out playing Wasteland Remastered with the goal to defeat Base Cochise in as few steps as possible, based on my previous experience with the original game (Apple and DOS), while also paying attention to new elements, like the animated cut-scenes.
So I gambled my way to level 12 or so, exploited the hills in southern Needles, the rooftop outside Ugly's hideout, and the creaky board inside Spade's Casino; raised money at Fat Freddy's and bought kevlar suits at the Black Market in Darwin. I hired Christina and Ace and played through the story in Quartz.
I used the negative skill point cheat, so we didn't need intelligence over 23 (except maybe for cyborg tech), and invested most of our skill points into strength, agility, speed and luck. I didn't bother with guns or ammunition or other non-reloading and time-consuming weapons such as rockets and throwing knives (but maxed out demolitions).
We raised our melee skills against the Scorpitron and Brother Goliath. We got both proton axes; and all the power armor out of the Guardian Citadel. I took some time to give all my characters maximum level medic skills. I took the time to rescue Redhawk and take him home, though I'm not sure it was necessary.
Then we ditched Redhawk and Ace and cured and hired Metal Maniac and Mad Dog Fargo in Darwin. We bought chainsaws for everybody not wielding proton axes. We came back to the Guardian Citadel, and raised everyone to doctor level 4-5 and maxed out energy weapons skill. We found the quasar key, blackstar key, and nova key, and killed Brother Goliath for the pulsar key. (But somehow missed the onyx ring.) We found Secpass B, and moved on to Las Vegas.
At Vegas, I attempted to play the story, starting with Faran Brygo. (Earlier, we talked to Crumb, and the hobo.) But here I encountered the first real bug in the game. After offering to help Faran Brygo, the game crashed! I guess my computer is below requirements, probably since I still run Windows 7 and nothing officially supports that anymore. I guess they are working on the problem. So I moved on, for now ... but I really wanted to see what that computer in Faran Brygo's hideout says now ....
We talked to Fat Freddy and offered to kill Faran Brygo, even though we didn't plan to do it. (But I also couldn't find the second onyx ring, so not sure what to do about that.) At the temple of the Mushroom cloud, we went to Charmaine, and agreed to get her the bloodstaff. We played around with the reactor controls, and got our electronics skills up to 3-4. Then got one character's electronics up to 5 opening high security doors. (And raised some of our perception skills to 4 finding hidden doors.) We opened up the doors to the sewers using the sonic key we found on the cyborg commandos nearby the jailhouse, when we freed Covenant earlier.
We breezed through the sewers killing everything and taking the robot parts. Busted through walls using our strength. Put all the parts together to fix Max. Watched the cut-scene and left the sewers ... to an updated map, with Base Cochise on it. I do not know (don't remember) if fixing max was sufficient to reveal Base Cochise, or if it also helped to rescue Redhawk.
In any case, following this path, focusing mainly on Vegas and the Guardian Citadel, we had everything we needed to infiltrate Base Cochise. But two of my melee fighters were still suffering without power armors. So we took the shortest route to that room with the extra two power armors on level 2 of Base Cochise. Had to exit and enter a couple of times to get there without serious injuries, even with max cons in the 100s!
... And that we where we left off the third part of our journey, poised to destroy Base Cochise practically without touching Needles, the Sleeper Base or Project Darwin. Now we could "win" the game, or take time to play those areas first. Or, win the game and then play those areas just to see the whole story.
P.S. The game says I've been playing for 31 hours! I guess I could have done it faster, but not if I wanted all those max skills!
P.P.S. We went back to the Guardian Citadel to find the onyx ring there again, but still nothing. Bug?
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Wasteland Remastered - Second Impressions [Spoilers]

I rushed through the opening of the game, beefing up my characters before attending to the story, and gaining gambling 12 so I could buy good armor.
(Is using my prior knowledge of the game cheating? Then I am cheating! But I have been virtually playing on New Game+ mode since 1989, so it's hard not to!)
Raised about $30,000 at Fat Freddy's, bought kevlar suits at the black market in Darwin, and returned to Las Vegas. Found some Warroid Mark 3's to fight, and then the Scorpitron. Built up brawling, knife fight, pugilism, and demolitions using axes, knives, fists, and TNT. The Warroids take us to level 4 skills, and the Scorpitron to 6. Using the weaker weapons ensures I won't kill our enemies before we raise our levels! The Scorpitron can still hurt us, so we have to be careful, back off and lick our wounds and raise some medic levels.
(The creaky board at Spade's Casino is as good for gaining levels as the rooftop outside Ugly's hideout. Camping out at those spots gains my party more levels than a few 100 or 1000 XP from killing monsters, though the effect does taper off. We returned periodically to the Vegas library to add more [negative] skill points from gambling, and giving my characters level 3 silent move, doctor, electronics, energy weapons and toaster repair!)
Satisfied with my stats and skills, I went to the Ag Center and killed Harry, the Bunny Master and watched the nice cinematics. Took the brakeman's visa card to Head Crusher at Scott's Bar, helped out the kid in the bathroom, complimented Ellen, and unlocked her room at the Stagecoach Inn. Met Laurie, but didn't need her stuff. Got a chemical out of the housekeeping closet, and gave snake squeezins to the two hobos blocking the secret path into the courthouse.
At the courthouse we killed the triplets (impressed with the animation, but still bugged that the narrator misreads 'hard' as 'hand'), and rescued Danny Citrine! He was my first hire since Christina. We took him into the jail and rescued his dad. But we had plenty of money, so we left the $1000 he offered us. Also rescued and hired Mayor Pedros. Went in through the front door of Ugly's hideout using the password, and walked right past all of Ugly's men, killing only the guard at his office door. Declined the offer to let Ugly get away, killed him, and disarmed the bomb on Felicia. (We couldn't find Ugly's safe, though. Bug?)
We disbanded Danny and recruited Felicia briefly, then disbanded her too. Rescued Ace from the cell in the basement of the hideout, and then disbanded Mayor Pedros. Walked right past all of Ugly's men again, after killing their boss and liberating their prisoner. Left without killing any of them; all their loot is weak anyway. (... And returned later for the chemicals hidden in the hideout.) Quartz quest completed!
At this point I could have used Ace to fix the jeep, and then got rid of him too. I didn't really need him, and I have sights set on MDF and MM in Darwin. But we need a free roster space for Redhawk .... Leaving the jeep for later (it's a dead end anyway), I took Ace through the motions to raise his skills and stats like the others. Then we took the proton ax from the building in Vegas nearby Faran Brygo's hideout. (I'll get to him later.)
Then I finally took on the Guardian Citadel. With level 6's in pugilism, knife fight, and brawling, we battled Brother Goliath and raised them all to level 7! But he really kicked our asses, and so we used our injuries to raise all our medic skills to 7. Medic is a second-tier skill, so it only needs level 7 for the negative skill point cheat! Taking a break from the Citadel, we used the Vegas library to raise medic and gambling levels to about 32 (except for Ace, who can only go up to 21). Most of my characters are Lietenants now, except for Ace, who is a Sergeant Argent.
Leaving Bro Goliath alive, we blew through the nearby wall with TNT to get into the Citadel. Snuck past anyone we could, and used our Vegas proton ax to kill the others, my only goals to get the power armor and Redhawk. (We died once! trying to fight in the Citadel antechamber under a hail of energy weapons, before getting power armor.) Having gained five power armors and recruited Redhawk, and also gained the second proton ax, we snuck back out of the Citadel.
I had to find out. Did they fix that old red herring, present ever since the Apple ][ version? We took Redhawk to Savage Village. Met his dad, the Junk Master. The Junk Master says he shows us where Base Cochise is on the map. But did it work? We searched the area up north ... but no. It's not there ... and getting into Base Cochise will be more complicated.
(According to the timer, been playing the game 18 hours now! Most of that was probably spent grinding for money and the first seven medic levels. Not sure if that is time better spent than fighting tons of monsters, or not. But it satisfies my OCD!)
PS - the game doesn't overheat my computer while playing (it is just mildly warm), but when I alt-tab out of it, it must lose the frame limit or something, because that's when my computer starts to overheat!
PPS - I am not going to complain about bugs - haven't noticed many! - but I do miss being able to re-order my inventory and skills ....
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