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Myrtle Beach casino boat done?

When did the 2/5 NL game on the Myrtle Beach casino boat (Big M) end? No mention of it on their website, when I called they said they only had 3 card poker.
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Underground Poker in the south

I like seeing all of these stories about 2000's underground poker. I wrote about my time in the 2000's running an underground poker ring in Charleston South Carolina.
Here is what was going on in South Carolina during that time. This was a real cat and mouse game with the police that turned into a poker game all on its own.
Chapter 1
Every other morning as I iron my shirt for work I am reminded of the secret life that I had lived for nearly two years. See, an eight foot by four foot felt poker table with a four inch raised padded rail, automatic card shuffler, and chip drop-slot makes for a great ironing board. In a pinch it also serves many other, equally as important purposes. I name them off in my head as I flatten the collar of my favorite blue shirt; a large desk for history homework, a hard table for an impromptu interrogation, a soft platform for sweaty sex, and of course a poker table for making money. I put on my shirt, still hot from the iron and I roll up my sleeves as I walk down the stairs from the third story of my townhouse. The October air in Charleston is cool and feels good against the heat on the back of my neck. I slide into my shiny red BMW, nearly two years old now, but paid for. The smell of raw leather still lingers in the interior, and seems stronger on mornings like these. I instinctively push the button on the center console to lock the doors before I grab the gear shift and put the car into reverse. I don’t know why BMW doesn’t make them lock automatically. I pull out onto the highway and spin the tires, listening to the 330 horsepower wake up the car. I’m not in a hurry or anything, in fact I haven’t been in a hurry for quite some time. It’s just that it is sometimes important to make it look like you are in a rush, and sometimes it is just because it feels damn good to go fast.
“Folks don’t get wealthy by being in a hurry.” I remember lecturing to Kevin in one of the first months of our two year, million dollar endeavor. He was always in a hurry. I still stand by my saying, though I should have replaced “wealthy” with “anything they want.” Folks don’t get anything they want by being in a hurry. Oprah Winfrey did not get rich by rushing into having a talk show with a book club, and presidents don’t get into the White House by throwing their name on the ticket the minute the idea pops into their head. No. Oprah started by landing a co-anchor position on the local nightly news. And Ronald Reagan started as a B-list actor before becoming president of the Screen Actors Guild, Governor of California, and finally President of the United States. People don’t get married by flying to Vegas minutes after meeting each other, or after a one night stand. Well, maybe they do, but this is why it doesn’t work. They slow down and date for years, are engaged for another and then they get married, in a church, surrounded by their families and are then taken off in a horse drawn carriage to their honeymoon. That’s how you fucking do it.
It is an uneventful two hour drive on highway 17 going north. Myrtle Beach isn’t really busy this time of year, but the traffic is still just as bad. It’s a good thing that I am not in a hurry. I pull into my VIP spot with almost an hour to spare, the parking lot is empty except for a few cars spattered in the first two rows. An old minivan with curtains on the windows, a Ford Escort with a spare tire rusting on the rear axle, and an old Chevy truck with a child’s car seat in the passenger side, just to name a few. The owners of which are probably already claiming their lucky seats. Fucking suckers. They all probably rushed to get here too and onto the boat. I stay in my car for another 15 minutes and wait, listening to the ‘pumped’ playlist on my iPod, my car’s premium speakers matching perfectly to the acoustics of the interior space. I think just for a second about pulling out of my space and driving further up the coast to Atlantic City. I would probably be too exhausted from the drive by the time I got there and would sleep in the hotel until late at night. That is when the real whales come out. Here on the 11 am Myrtle Beach casino boat the closest thing to a whale is the 350 pound mother of five glued to a stool in front of the “Wheel of Fortune” slot machine. I don’t leave, instead I open my glove box and stuff six 100 dollar bills into my pants pocket, any more or any less would be unnecessary, at least on a Wednesday. I walk slowly up to the path and say hi to Dave as I pass up onto the ramp. I don’t need to show any ID to board.
“Good Morning, Ryan.” Dave says as he straightens his back and pulls the daily newspaper from his stand, handing it to me. They all know me by name; I know most of theirs too, but not them. Which is alright, that makes us even. I pass through the halls and by the sad looking, unlit slot machines. Some people have already claimed their seat with a jacket and their lucky bucket. I go up to the tallest portion of the ship, the poker room, and head out onto the deck. No one else is out here, probably due to the two flights of stairs and the fact that there is a free buffet on the floor below. I sit down in one of the cushioned white chairs and pull the first cigar of the day out of my shirt pocket. I light it with my silver Zippo that is etched with a royal flush and blow out the puff of smoke as I put my feet up on the metal rail. It’s going to be another half hour before we undock and another half hour after that while we float out into international waters. I know from experience that this cigar will last exactly one hour, paired with two Grey Goose and Red Bulls it is truly the breakfast of champions. At this time most people in the eastern half of the United States are sipping on their second cup of coffee while sitting on their uncomfortable office chairs in their grey or brown cubicles. I think about this just as land disappears from sight over my polished black Italian shoes. That could be me, making 40k a year in an unhappy office; only looking forward to the weekends for freedom. My college degree is somewhere in a box already. I graduated in May, majoring in business management with a 4.0 GPA. My parents were thrilled; their little boy had accomplished something great. They didn’t know. Their little boy hadn’t been a little boy in a long time, and he had already accomplished something so great that he couldn’t even tell them. Fuck a degree, fuck a 4.0. The only reason I had even stayed in school for my last year was because I had nothing better to do, not because I wanted a fucking job. My parents think that I have submitted my application to nearly every business in Charleston. “Sorry mom, this economy just isn’t a good one for a freshly graduated 23 year old. They want someone with more experience.” I’m not sure how true this is, because I haven’t even made my resume, let alone actually gave it to a company. I was too scared of getting hired. So I don’t travel back to Ohio to visit them that often. I couldn’t lie to my mother right to her face. I could lie to nine strangers around a piece of felt, and they would believe me, but to my mom, no. I sometimes think that if she knew the basics of poker, she could beat me.
My coworkers are all already around the table when the signal is called for the first hand to be dealt. I take the last good drag off of my cigar and tossed it over the two decks below into the water and grab my Vodka Red Bull and headed inside. The scene has changed dramatically from an hour ago. I slowly walk to the open chair on the right end of the table in seat three and pull 400 dollars out as I sit down. I surveyed the table while walking up. Most people have 200 dollars; one guy has about 350 dollars with his wallet next to his stack on the table. Sometimes it’s good to be the last to sit. I know exactly how much to put down to top everyone yet not be too robust and scare everyone off when I am in a hand. Mr. Wallet is not afraid to lose every bit of that 350, and I have to have that covered. The locals know me – and my play. They know exactly what I am doing – they think they know exactly what I am doing, I’m not worried about them. The good thing about casinos is the vacationers; rotating money. None of them know me or how I play, but I know all of them and exactly how they play. Well, at least the 90 percent of them that play the same damn way. This is especially true of the ones with dark sunglasses, or earphones, or their lucky card covers. They watch too much T.V. The dealer knows me by name and after taking my frequent player card he slides over my stacks of chips. Mostly white-one dollar and red-five dollar chips, but a few are green-twenty five dollar chips. “There you go, Ryan. Good luck” He says, tapping the top of the largest stack. Luck? I don’t know what it is about tapping and poker. I look around the table and catch a glimpse of a sunglassed teenager tapping the rail with a green chip, a fat man with an iPod tapping his knee along with the beat of his music and then the dealer tapping my white chips. And of course the tapping that every player does when they say “check”. I swear if I could block everything else out but the tapping it would sound like some sort of long lonely song. I grabbed my chips and pulled them close to the rail. The sound of chips clanking together is a sound that every poker player knows. It is especially prevalent during the first ten minutes of any game. Most people have been waiting, impatiently, to get those chips, and now they want to feel them in their hands. They want to show off their talent of chip-shuffling, and chip-bouncing, or other hand tricks. I have seen them all. Chip tricks are cheap tricks, who do these fuckers think they are? I can’t resist. I take a stack of three red chips and three white chips and put them side by side. I shuffle them once with perfect form, and then I cut the stack of six into two stacks of three again and shuffle once more. I again put them in two stacks of three and shuffle one last time. When I split them again they are in two perfect stacks of three reds and three whites. I amuse myself by doing this a few more times. No one is watching. They are all busy doing the exact same thing; killing the two minutes while the dealer shuffles the brand new deck of cards. Before I know it I have two cards in front of me and I take a quick peak. 4d9c. Rags, I have a 32 percent chance of catching a pair, and that wouldn’t even help. I probably have less than a 5 percent chance of winning this hand.. “Fold.” I say, tossing my cards into the middle of the table as I slump back into my chair. I’m in no rush.
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Things to Do in Surfside and Myrtle Beach

Things to Do in Surfside and Myrtle Beach
If you need to understand where to go and what to do at the same time as you’re on vacation this yr., we’ve got you covered! Our group has compiled the maximum comprehensive list of things to do in Myrtle Vacation Properties using recommendations and recommendations from site visitors, Facebook fans, and neighborhood experts. What we’ve come up with is a one-of-a-kind guide to Surfside Beach House Rentals sights, shows, eating places and much higher! Whether you’re seeking out an outside adventure, an exciting ride, or want to shop ’til you drop, we have masses of a laugh in keep for you. See the manual under for facts on all the first-class attractions in Myrtle Beach and make the maximum out of your next excursion!
The Beach
The Grand Strand. So named by using a newspaperman of the 1940s, the call has stuck, and it describes a few 60 miles of wide, secure, lovely, sandy beaches. With all there is to do along the Grand Strand, site visitors regularly file that the #1 reason they go to Myrtle Beach is for the seashore itself. With greater than 14 million visitors coming annually, it’s a good factor Myrtle Beach beaches stay pleasant and secure, clean and inviting. Early-morning seaside walkers experience yr.-spherical quiet times as the sun rises over the Atlantic Ocean, and late-night strollers, flashlights in hand, marvel at the brilliant moon rises and the haunting impact of a nighttime go-to. Mid-day, especially in the summer months, the seaside takes on new strength at the same time as families and singles, young and old, relish in America’s favorite pastime.
“Fly through the air with the greatest of ease!” Myrtle Beach parasailing captains have made it smooth to bounce like a bird. And on a beautiful Grand Strand day, the perspectives are out of this world! Let area boat captains and crews release you slowly, and correctly upward, tethered behind a boat as you pass parasailing in Myrtle Beach. Out at the open ocean, however still near shore, you’ll fly like a seabird, adequately attached in your harness seat. The perspectives are unmatched, and the thrills are suitable for all ages.
Fishing Charters
The vast blue Atlantic Ocean is more than only a play land for hundreds of thousands of traffic every 12 months looking to splash around for an afternoon. It is likewise a superb region for anglers seeking out a large seize via one of the many Myrtle Beach fishing charters. The waters off the Grand Strand are responsibly fished for dozens of species of recreation fish by using industrial fishers and fishing charter customers who find the thrill in reeling in dinner (or trophy fish) and returning home with bragging rights and a freezer complete of fish. All-day (or even overnight) charters go to the Gulf Stream 3 hours offshore for Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi and other tremendous fish of the sea. In-shore half and all-day letters can bring domestic Flounder, Mackerel, and Grouper. Leave the frozen crab legs on the buffet for the amateurs; our fishing charters know a way to find and capture fish. They’ll even easy them for you!
Escape Rooms
Escape Rooms are the most recent sensation in Myrtle Beach, and numerous of them have popped up in the beyond a couple of years. Escape Rooms also acknowledged as “Break Out Rooms,” are interactive attractions in which visitors are given a scenario and should resolve a sequence of puzzles, within a set time limit, to get away from the room they are in. While each enchantment hosts exclusive experiences, some popular Escape Rooms scenarios include cracking a financial institution vault, avoiding a serial killer, locating hidden treasure, and much more. And, while some may additionally sound scary, the escape rooms in Myrtle Beach are family-friendly, focusing at the duties of trouble solving and teamwork in a pleasant atmosphere.
Jet Ski Rentals
Since the first Jet Skis rolled off the meeting lines within the late Nineteen Sixties and into America’s lakes, rivers, and oceans, water sports got a whole lot extra amusing. Like motorcycles at the water, jet skis, also referred to as PWC (Personal Water Craft), is fast, funny, and secure when operated responsibly and adequately. Small sufficient for one rider or massive enough for up to 4 passengers, present-day jet skis are responsive, maneuverable and abundant alongside the Grand Strand. Using jet boat technology (no exposed propellers) jet skis pressure water through a rocket-styled nozzle that pushes the craft through the water with outstanding manipulate and efficiency. Whether at the Intracoastal Waterway, Place Rivers, or the Atlantic Ocean, they are plenty of locations to revel in and lots of Myrtle Beach Jet Ski rental groups to provide the ride. Jet Ski lovers may be seen nearly year-spherical, however especially within the hotter months skipping alongside over the floor of the water, all with one factor in frequent: huge smiles on their faces.
Boat Cruises
With the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Intracranial Waterway to the west, several boat tours in Myrtle Beach provide a selection of entertainment and sightseeing alternatives. From quiet Waterway dinner cruises to thrilling online casino boat experiences, there may be something for every vacationer. The Big M Casino Boat in Little River travels three miles out to allow for legal, Vegas-style gaming, even as nature-friendly dolphin excursions just off the coast join you with nature. Professional crews and breathtaking views can make Myrtle Beach boat tours a particular part of your holiday, with many site visitors returning year after year, taking new generations on trips they formerly enjoyed. Live track and dinner programs on the bigger boats upload to the experience. All excursions are subject to restrained capacity, and it's far recommended to make advanced reservations.
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Visiting Myrtle Beach? Look Here.

Gentlemen's Clubs:
Amusement Parks:
Casino Boats:
This is a list to just get as much as everything in one place. I'll leave reviews/advice to the comment section. village_lunatic offers some good advice.
If I left anything out, just post below and I'll add it up here.
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BigM casino boat south carolina - YouTube PROS & CONS of Living in MYRTLE BEACH, SC - YouTube Casino Boat In Little River, SC.mpg - YouTube Big M Casino Myrtle Beach Big M Casino WHITLEY AUTO WORKS ON A CASINO BOAT!!!!! DAYCATION LETS GET IT The big

Big “M” Casino is the only casino boat in South Carolina that has two luxury yachts that offer day and evening cruises. Vacationers ages 21 and up can take a break from the sun and set sail on an entertaining gambling cruise that features many games, a buffet, and, of course, tons of fun! The two ships both offer day and evening cruises so that you can fit a fun gambling trip into your ... There are two Las Vegas style casino gambling boats in the Myrtle Beach area, docked at the historic waterfront in Little River, a quaint, unincorporated village on the northern end of the Grand Strand. The boats take their passengers on infamous "cruises to nowhere" a few miles off the coast, into international waters, outside the USA jurisdiction, where it's legal to gamble. Since their ... Casino Cruises Spectacular Casino Ships to Raise the Stakes of Your Myrtle Beach Vacation. Home to South Carolina's only casino ships, the beautiful Atlantic Ocean off the Myrtle Beach area coast comes alive every day and night with Vegas-style gambling, live entertainment and fine food. Myrtle Beach Casino Cruises. Feeling a little lucky this vacation but think Vegas is just a bit too far from the Carolina Coast for you to try your luck? Well, think again, as the thrill of a Vegas casino can be found just minutes from your vacation doorstep, in the beautiful town of Little River, South Carolina, home of the SunCruz Aquasino and the Big “M” casino boats. Located minutes ... Myrtle Beach Casino Gambling Boats. We are currently updating this section. In the meantime, please see our Fishing & Boating section and check back in a couple of days for updated information on the casino gambling boats in our area. Little River is just minutes from Myrtle Beach. A quick day trip from Columbia or Charleston, SC or Charlotte, NC. Both of our casino boats sail year round. Once on board, you'll get to test your skills and luck with table games like Blackjack, Let It Ride and 3 Card Poker. Craps and Roulette will be available at a later date. Or sit at our slot machines and experience the rush that comes ... Myrtle Beach casinos are considerably different than those you will find in places such as Las Vegas or Reno. The main reason for this is because the ones in Myrtle Beach are floating. The way to gamble in South Carolina is on Myrtle Beach casino boats. In fact, the only place where you can legally gamble on casino boats is on the Atlantic ...

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BigM casino boat south carolina - YouTube

Big M Casino Myrtle Beach Casino Cruise 2,204 views. 0:12. The oddly named but Beautiful MY 11/11 leaving marina in Bahamas - Duration: 6:44. eSysman 50,948 views. 6:44. Little River Waterfront ... whitley auto works wendell nc big m casino boat near myrtle beach sc check them out awesome company amazing experience tons of fun!!!!! I won money On the casino boat in Little River The Big “M” Casino Boat - Duration: 0:11. Holly Simms 1,616 views. 0:11. Big M Casino Buffet sample Ship I AM cruise - Duration: 0:12. Big M Casino Myrtle Beach Casino Cruise 2,217 views. 0:12. 20 minutes video describing best things about Myrtle Beach living! Commercial for the Big M Casino Myrtle Beach. ⚡ Kronos POWERS UP a Big Win 🔥 BONUS after BONUS 🎰Vegas Slot Action with BCSlots - Duration: 28:19. Brian Christopher Slots Recommended for ...