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PAYDAY 2: Cartel Business Update

Welcome back to Sunny Mexico!

We bring an awesome update packed to the brim with loot and goodies. We got heisting, guns and suits and much much more for you to explore. There’s action and tension waiting for you on We stay south of the border for a good ‘ol American bank robbery with a heavy Mexican flair.
The San Martín Bank Heist
Our favorite heisters are enjoying their stay south of the border but this time an old friend has a task for them. Vlad wants you to steal some precious treasures hidden in a bank vault. He prefers the thrill of going in loud through the front door, gun drawn and masks on. But if you want to take the sneakier route there are other options available. Just be careful over there - don’t expect the Mexican police force to go easy on you, ‘cause they won’t.
New Full Auto Pistols
There has never before been so much bang for the buck in a weapon pack as with the Federales Weapon Pack, there’s a combined fire rate of 2851 rounds per minute across three pistols. With single and akimbo variants you will be able to black out the sun with flying helmets. The full auto pistol arsenal of PAYDAY 2 just got a 300% increase in the number of weapons on offer. If you enjoy the sound of thousands of rounds echoing over the AO this is the DLC for you.
New Outfits
Music and clothing are two of the most powerful statements of personal style and belief one can make. From the Hippies in the 1960s, fighting against warmongering politicians, to the Punk Rockers in the 70s and 80s, smashing guitars over the head of capitalism, or rappers busting rhymes against oppression. And some people simply prefer an orchestra mixed with gunfire and explosions, wandering the Earth with a gun in one hand and a trumpet in the other, looking for wrongs to make right. They have been effective avenues for informing society at large if you play by the rules or not - a sure way to either show your conformity or to say "FUCK YOU!" to the establishment.
Custom Weapon Colors
Do you feel you need more variety in your arsenal? Do you feel the need to pimp out your guns? Perhaps make them match that snazzy outfit you are wearing or the mask covering your face. No one says you can’t look good while mowing down the cops. With 20 different colors to customize your weapons, you will not be without options. There are even some free colors to let you try out the system and see what you can do. Each of the colors can be applied to any weapon in the game and with 6 different application sets and 5 wear states to choose between. With this DLC you will have well over 600 variants for each of your weapons.
Safes, Drills and the Marketplace
As some of you have seen in my announcement last week we are changing how our weapon skin safes and drills work. You will no longer be able to sell or trade a drill or an unopened safe on the marketplace as of this update, and you will no longer be able to buy drills for the older safes. However, all old safes that used to require a drill will now be openable without the need for any drills. If you have old safes in your inventory you will now be able to just open them like our more recent safes. Furthermore, all the safes that have once been in the rotation but were removed will now be added to the pool of safes you can receive in a loot drop.
Why are we doing this?
These changes are made because of certain legal aspects connected to sales of digital items with a random outcome. Since drills are part of the mechanic of opening a safe, we will remove these items as well.
What will happen with your old Drills?
If you have old drills in your inventory they will be converted to a safe of the corresponding type. A “Dallas drill” will become a “Dallas safe”. The new safe will be openable right away and you can claim the skin inside.
Will something change with the skins?
No, the skins will function just as they do now. You can use, sell, buy and trade them just like normal.
What Safes and Drills are affected by this change?
All safes will be made nonmarketable and nontradeable. This change will affect every safe even if they did not require a drill. You will no longer be able to purchase drills directly. Drills in players’ inventories will be made nonmarketable and nontradeable. The following safes will be made openable without a drill and will return to the drop table for available safes:
Sputnik Safe Bodhi Safe Dallas Safe Wolf Safe Jimmy Safe Sydney Safe Crimefest 2 Safe
Any drills currently in a player’s inventory safes will be converted into its corresponding safe on the next launch of the game.
What will happen with the items in the Steam marketplace?
Any item currently on the market place will remain on the marketplace until these items are taken off the marketplace, either but a successful purchase or the original owner taking the item back. Once these items are in a players’ inventory these items will be updated according to the changes outlined above.
Why are we adding more safes to the drop table?
Without the need for drills, the older safes work just like any other safe. And we wanted to bring a greater variety of skins to our players. Some of these old safes had very short runs in the rotation and therefore there are a lot of players that never had a chance to get these skins. We wanted to make all the skins available to everyone. That being said, since these safes are rare we want them to keep that sense of rarity. All our safes have different drop chances based on the safe type, and these safes will be a rare drop similar but not identical to “event safes”.
What about the safe and drill gained from the Completely Overkill Pack DLC?
Since that safe and drill were not tradable or marketable from the beginning and these safes have never been in rotation, this safe and drill will be completely unaffected by these changes. The Completely Overkill Pack safe will NOT be added to the drop table of available safes.
It’s better to heist and loot than to never have heisted at all. OVERKILL_Tobias OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 199 Mark II Changelog

Update size: 1.9 GB

General * Added a new specific interface icon to indicate that an inventory item is unlocked by achievement * Ghost Riders achievement now correctly recognizes the One Down difficulty mask * Moved some settings from Advanced Video options to User Interface options * Players can now switch AI heisters' masks and weapons quickly in the crew management screen by hovering and scrolling the mouse wheel
Gameplay * Fixed a crash that could occur when a player dropped into a game where someone was using converted cops * Fixed an issue where cops could sometimes get stuck in a "hands up" position if players used concussion grenades * Fixed an issue with night vision masks not showing the players last life as grey * Fixed so that all cameras you can observe will start at their max zoom out position * Fixed so that clients can no longer enter crew management when in a lobby
Level * Border Crossing - Fixed an issue where a blown door would clip with the stairs in the big warehouse * Border Crossing - Fixed an issue where a gas can could spawn inside a pile of boxes, making it inaccessible * Border Crossing - Fixed so that players are no longer able to throw bags in unreachable places on the hangar doors * Golden Grin Casino - Fixed an issue where the laser trail effect did not match with the actual position of the BFD drill * Hoxton Breakout - Fixed so that players can no longer put equipment on the moving armored car * White House - Fixed an issue where players could grab thermite through a wall
Customization * Fixed a bug that made the Arbiter Grenade launcher display all skins at the same time when previewing * Fixed a clipping issue with using the Joceline shotgun and the Raincoat outfit * Fixed a crash that could occur when customizing an armor skin * Fixed an issue with Bonnie's head being slightly misaligned when wearing the Scrubs outfit
Text and Language * Added missing inventory text for the Stainless Steel Syringe to inform players that it deals additional poison damage * Fixed a faulty subtitle saying nine instead of eight when counting bags * Updated achievement requirement to correctly indicate "Bullet Hell" instead of "10/10" * Updated references to Hotline Miami 2 Digital Special Edition to use the correct name * Updated the unlock info for the achievement "BAAaa...BANG...aaAAH" to use the correct name of the mask * Updated the unlock info for the achievement "Heisters of the Round Table" to use the correct name of the material * Updated the unlock info for the achievement "Pass the Ammo" to use the correct name of the mask
Any mods you have installed may interfere with the update, so please disable them to avoid crashes until the modders have had time to update their mods. If you are experiencing crashes please read this thread for more information.

Store links

San Martin Bundle San Martin Bank Heist PAYDAY 2: Tailor Pack 2 PAYDAY 2: Federales Weapon Pack PAYDAY 2: Weapon Color Pack 1
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Spring Break 2018: Conspiracies, Clowns, and Feds!
Spring Break 2018 has not even started fully but we already have some crazy dude posting about the “deep-state” and other theories evolving around Washington D.C. We still have no clue who he is or what’s going on, but see for yourself: thesecretisreallyreal
But enough about him, today’s release includes a new stealth heist, some of you may recognize the location! Additionally, we don’t want you to be scared in the dark while sneaking around corners, so we added a new flashlight melee weapon and some new night vision goggles. You might think, this is just another mask in your inventory, but guess what, they actually work! Experience heisting in a new “light” with your new goggles or the old Batshit Crazy and Cloaker-san masks!
Ultimate Edition Changes, Sales, and Free 2 Play
Last week we changed our Ultimate Edition setup a bit, making the PAYDAY 2: Base Game available to buy & gift again for a reduced price of $9.99. Additionally, we joined the Steam Spring VR Sale and extended it for our players for the whole duration of Spring Break 2018 until April 29th. PAYDAY: The Heist, PAYDAY 2: Base Game and PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition are now on sale, so don’t miss out. Last but not least, the Base Game will be Free 2 Play for the whole duration of the event, so no more excuses!
Steam Privacy Settings
With the recent changes to Steam's Privacy Policy, we've seen some issues with hosting and joining lobbies for users who have their accounts set to the new default - 'Private'. The issue is easily remedied by setting your account as either 'Public' or 'Friends-Only'.
More information can be found in our Steam Forums:
Issues joining/hosting a heist with Private Steam accounts
Vulcan salute,
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
Update 176 Changelog
Update size: 381.3MB
General Changes
Fixed an issue where some VR skills would be enabled for regular PC players
Improved the pathing logic for hostages
Fixed an issue where the akimbo autofire sound could get stuck when switching to auto fire mode Controller
Improved the controller support for Crime Spree
Improved the controller support for
Improved the controller support for Story Line
Fixed an issue where an interaction on The Golden Grin Casino line were cut short in VR
EDIT: Fixed the links and formatting
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List of Structures & Landmarks ( Fantasy World )

Structure / Landmark Names:
Abattoir (slaughterhouse)
Academy (+ alchemist, arcane, artificer’s, bards, healers, mages, military, naval, royal, science)
Ale House (tavern)
Altar (deity, element, power, environment, luck, magic, old one, outsider, sacrificial, spirit, etc)
Arena (+ gladiatorial, music, performance, racing, sports)
Auction House
Battle Ground
Black Market, Underground Market
Board (+ message, quest)
Boom Chain - harbor chain or river chain used to block boats. Operated from a chain tower
Bridge (Covered Bridge, Draw Bridge, Rope Bridge, Sky Bridge)
Brothel, House of Ill Repute
Burial Mound
Cache (+ pirates, rebel, smugglers, thieves)
Caer / Cair (stronghold)
Caravan (wagons)(+ merchant, military, nomads, pilgrims, prison, refugee, settlers, slavers)
Caravanserai (inn / outfitter for caravans)
Casino, Gambling Hall
Cellar (+ root, storm, wine)
Chain Tower - tower used to raise or lower a boom chain (harbor or river chain)
Circle of Stones
Circle of Wagons
Cliff Dwellings
Coach House
College (+ alchemist, arcane, bards, healers, mages, naval, of artificers, of science, royal)
Conservatory (greenhouse)
Convent, Nunnery
Corral (cattle, horse, livestock)
Covered Walkway
Croft (rented farmhouse & land)
Den (+ assassins, drug, gambling, hookah, opium, smugglers, thieves)
Dig Site (fossils, minerals, ruins)
Dock (boat, ship, airship)
Dojo, Sparring Hall, Training Hall
Drug (+ den, lounge, parlor)
Dugout, Pit-House
Dungeon, Jail, Prison
Embassy (+ country, race, realm, world)
Executioners Block
Farm (animal, crop, dairy, share croppers)
Fighting Pit
Flotilla (+ town, village, city)
Fort, Fortress (+ coastal, island, mountain, sea / wooden, stone, metal)
Fortifications (cheval de frise, moat, palisade, towers, trench, wall, wooden stakes)
Gallows, Gibbet
Gambling (+ den, hall, lounge, parlor), Casino
Garden, Gardens (+ crop*, flower, hanging, herb, mushroom, rock, rooftop, sculpture, zen)
Gate, Gates
Gate House
Giant (+ construct, golem, idol, mecha, statue)
Gibbet, Gallows
Grange - farmhouse & outbuildings
Grave (+ fresh, marker, mass, open, site, stone, vacated, yard)
Grave Yard
Grounds (+ burial, fair, parade, sacred, tourney, training)
Guard House
Guard Post
Guild, Guild Hall, Guild House
Hall (+ city, gambling, guild, mead, meeting, music, opera, town, training)
Hanging Tree, Hangmans Tree
Hatchery (animal, beast, monster)
Hedge Maze
Hookah (+ bar, den, lounge, parlor)
Horreum (warehouse)
Hostel (bed & breakfast)
House (+ bath, boat, coach, coffee, farm, guard, guest, guild, long, manor, opera, ritual, safe, smoke, summer, tea, theater, turf, winter)
House of Ill Repute, Brothel
Hut, Huts (adobe, cloth, earthen, grass, hide, ice, mud, snow, stone, straw, wood)
Jail, Dungeon, Prison
Library (+ arcane, great, royal)
Lift (wench & platform)
Lock, Locks (waterway)
Lodge (+ hunting, masons, medicine, porters, safari, secret society*, sweat, wardens)
Lyceum - hall for public lectures
Machinery (from bygone age or civilization / size – cart, building, town)
Magical Construct (energy construct, giant levitating crystal, moving sculpture, rune stones, sigil stones)
Marker Stone (border stone, boundary stone)
Market, Market Place, Market Square
Market Stall, Street Stall
Massage Parlor
Mead Hall
Messenger Pigeon Loft
Mews (row or courtyard of stables and carriage houses with living quarters above them)
Midden (+ heap, mound, pile)
Mine, Mines (coal, crystal [normal, magic], gem stone [normal, magic], guano, metal [normal, magic], mineral [normal, magic], salt, substance)
Mission (place for missionary work)
Moat (+ dry, lava, mud, quicksand, spiked, tar, water)
Mound (+ burial, ceremonial, midden, shell, temple)
Music Hall
Nunnery, Convent
Opera Hall / Opera House
Opium Den
Parade Grounds, Training Grounds
Parlor, Parlour (drug, massage, tattoo)
Pen, Pens (+ animal, monster, slave)
Pillar, Pillars
Pit (+ dwelling, fighting, monster, prison, slave)
Prison, Dungeon, Jail
Public Square
Pyre (+ funeral)
Quarry (crystal, magic crystal, metal, mineral, stone, substance)
Ranch (animal, monster)
Redoubt (temporary fortification)
Reflecting Pool, Reflection Pool
Road, Roads (cobblestone, dirt, paved / + abandoned, cross, main, rural)
Root Cellar
Ruin, Ruins
Rune Stone
Sally Port (secure, controlled entry way to a fortification or prison)
Sculpture (+ large, giant, garden, scale city model)
Sea Gate
Sea Wall
Sewer, Sewers
Shanty Town
Ship Graveyard
Shipyard, Shipyards
Shrine (deity, druidic, element, power, environment, guardian, luck, magic, old one, outsider, spirit, etc)
Siege Tower
Sign Post
Site (+ building, camp, construction, dig, excavation, grave, ritual)
Slaughter House
Sparring Hall, Dojo, Training Hall
Square (+ market, public, town)
Statue (Idol, large, giant, guardian, monument)
Steading (farmstead, homestead)
Storehouse, Warehouse
Street Vendors, Market Stall, Street Stall ( alcove, booth, cart, stall, stand, tent)
Sun Dial
Sunken (city, ruins, ship, temple)
Supply Post
Symbol (coat of arms, emblem, flag, ritual circle, rune, seal, sigil, symbol, ward)
Taphouse (inn / tavern with liquor on tap)
Tea House
Tent City (+ merchant, military, nomads, pilgrims, refugee, settlers, squatters)
Theater House
Totem Pole
Tourney Field / Tournament Field
Tower (+ bell, chain, clock, guard, peel, siege, signal, watch, wizard)
Trade Route
Trading Post
Training Grounds, Parade Grounds
Training Hall, Dojo, Sparring Hall
Tree House
Tree Town
Trench (+ spiked)
University (+ alchemist, arcane, artificer’s, bards, healers, mages, naval, of science, royal)
Villa (large country house / estate)
Wall (+ barrier, breached, city, earthen, great, inner, outer, sea, stone, town)
Warehouse, Storehouse
Watch Tower
Water Mill
Well (+ artesian, covered, dry, house, of magic, water)
Well House
Work Camp
Yurt (round tent covered in skins or felt, used by nomads)
Zoo (mundane, rare, exotic, magical, alien - creatures)
Structure Mods: (structure type + mod)
Architectural Influence - Arabic, Asian, European, Germanic, Mexican, Turkish, Fantasy Culture, etc
Aware - animated / sentient / genius loci / benevolent / hostile / mischievous
Built Over - ancient ruins, battle ground, cave system, grave site, magical nexus, mines, portal, prison, temple, tomb, well of magic
Dimensional Anomaly - structure appears in a fixed location. appears & disappears at certain time or during certain events
Ghostly / Out of phase - structure can be seen but is intangible
Magic - absorbing, amplified magic, anti-magic, cursed, divine, infernal, magically (sealed, warded), recharge mana, reduced magic, wild magic
State - ½ buried, abandoned, barricaded, burned, collapsed, condemned, cursed, desecrated, flooded, for sale, haunted, hidden, infested, leaning, overgrown, ransacked, recently excavated, ruined, sacred, sunken, under construction
Unusual Feature - clockwork, front for “x”, hidden by illusion, levitating, mobile, on stilts, shape shifting door
Unusual Material - crystal, earth, ice, living plants, metal, monster (bone, carapace, hide, scale, shell), pykrete (ice + cotten), resin, shaped stone
Wandering - structure occasionally moves to a new location / locomotion - deconstructs & rebuilds at new location, levitating, sliding, teleportation, walking
Administration - ?
Business - market, merchant, “x” industry, trade, trader
Entertainment - arena, opera, poet, theater
Leadership - council, palace, senate
Location - canal, (n, s, e, w) gate, harbor, hill, plateau, under town, waterside
Magic - ?
Military - garrison, soldier
New vs Old - old town
Religion - temple
Social Status - royal, noble, upper class, lower class, slums / platinum, gold, silver, iron, copper / diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, jade
What it’s known for - fish, of bells, spice
Guilds: adventurers, alchemist, artisans, assassins, bankers, bards, bounty hunters, caravan trade, couriers, courtesans, craftsman, demon hunters, explorers, fighters, mage, mage hunters, masons, merchants, mercenary, miners, monster hunters, monster trainers, peace keepers, relic hunters, thieves, thief hunters, tinkerers, trade, treasure hunters, warriors, witch hunters, wizards
Offices: archivist, barrister, city hall, constable, courier, guards, guild (type), harbor master, information broker, magistrate, money changer, money lender, port authority, public records, scribe, sheriff, town hall, transportation (dirigible / magic flying ship / magic portal / stagecoach / teleportation / train), wardens
Shops: alchemist, animal trainer, apothecary, armorer, artificer, baker, barber, blacksmith, boatwright, book store, bowyer, butcher, candle maker, candy, carpenter, cheesemonger, clothier, cobbler, cooper, curio, druggist, dyer, enchanter, fishmonger, fletcher, fortune teller, general store, glass blower, hat, healer, herbalist, incense, jeweler, leather worker, lock smith, magic shop, mapmaker, mask, mercer (textiles), metal smith (gold, silver, copper, pewter), miller, oil merchant, oracle, outfitters, paper maker, pawn, perfume, pet shop, pharmacist, potter, rope maker, rug shop, sailwright, seer, shipwright, spice, stone mason, sundries, tailor, talismonger, tanner, tattoo parlor, tea shop, thatcher, tinkerer, travel office, wainwright (cartwright), weaver, ward maker, weapon smith, wig maker
Useful Links:
City Building:
d100 Architectural Styles
d100 City Streets, Squares and other City Areas
d100 Inn Oddities
d100 Market Stalls
d100 Things for which a region is famous
d100 Town / City Landmarks
d100 Towns & Cities with backstories
Town Names
d100 Towns & Villages
d100 Town Exports
Bones of the Tarrasque - random small town generator
Collaborative Gamer - System for creating towns
Lets Build a City
Medieval Civilization Generator
Medieval Demographics
Pirate location name generator
Single City Campaign
Strategy Games City Generator
Super Quick Guide for City Building
Text Based Town Description Generator
Why a city is famous
World Building Partial Names
World Building Flow Chart
Medieval Occupations
List of fantasy Occupations
List of NPC Motivations
List of Negative Personality Traits
List of Positive Personality Traits
List of NPC Desires
List of NPC Fears
List of NPC Quirks
List of NPC Secrets
Negatherium - NPC Generator
NPC Generator
This is your life - NPC Generator
Map Makers / Generators:
Arkenforge - Maps & Tools
AutoREALM - Map Maker
BattlemapForge - Map Maker
Black Scrolls - Modular Map Tiles
Cze & Peku - Map Artist
Dave's Mapper - Map Generator
Dungeonfog - Map Maker
DumgeonMapster - Map Parts
Dungeonographer - Map Maker
Dyson Logos - Free Maps
Kanka - World Building Tools - Free
Kassoon - House Generator
Map Hammer - Map Tiles
Northern Cartography - Free Maps
Photoshop - Battle Map Tutorial
Pyromancers - Dungeon Painter Studio
RPG Inferno Tools - topdown simple map creator
RPG Land Maps - 3D topdown maps of Villages, Towns, and Cities
VTT Wiki - Mapping Making Software
Watabou - Medieval Fantasy City Map Generator
Watabou - Medieval Fantasy City Map Generator 2
3D Terrain Stores:
3D Printable Terrain
Corvus Games Terrain
Imperial Terrain
Infinite Dimensions Games
OTP Terrain & Miniatures
Printable Scenery
RPG Tools / Random Generators:
Donjon - RPG Tools / Random Generators
Dungeon Masters Vault - RPG Tools / Random Generators
Oh My GameMaster - towns, shops, NPCs, traps
Wizardawn - NPC, Shop, Inventory Generator
List of Map Tools & Generators
Battle Maps:
Ancient Dungeon
Anglers Wharf
Bandit Hideout
Breakwater Docks
Bridge Border Crossing
Bridge Checkpoint
Caravan Camp
Castle Donan
City Canal
City Tavern
Derion Graveyard
Desert Oasis
Desert Street Alley
Dungeon Living Quarters
Farming Village
Forester's House
Forest Shack
Fort Construction
Fortified Settlement
Garden Temple
Goldleaf Abby
Great Library
Green Bastion
Jodak's Mill
Jungle Camp
Marble Quarry
Monster Festival
Mountain Cottage
Mountain Monastery
Mountain Temple
Pirate Tavern
Rocky Harbor
Royal Museum
Ruins of the abyss
Sacred Grove
Sanguine Inn at night
Seaside Bastion
Serene Lakeside
Shrine of the Sanguine
Sky Bridge
Taxidermy Parlour
Temple above the clouds
The Cabin
The Fighting Pit
Titan Rigger Map
Travellers Guild Hall
Underdark Trading Outpost
Village Graveyard
Village Street
Witch's Cottage
City / Town Maps:
Anchorage Isle
City of Mul'Domar
City of Twyrif
Coastal Town
Cursed Village
Port Abadon
Port Town
Sulari Capital
Swamp of Bullwugs
Town of Jarlang
Town of Tharg
Cities with backstories
Culture Generator
List of Environments & Geological Formations
tartarianarchitecture - architecture pics
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J.P. Morgan Early Look at the Market – Fri 10.6.17 **PLEASE DO NOT FORWARD THIS DOCUMENT**

J.P. Morgan Early Look at the Market – Fri 10.6.17

Morning Levels

Trading Update

Top Headlines for Friday

Identifying risks – what could go wrong?

Macro Update

Calendar of events to watch for the week of Mon Oct 9

Catalysts – big events to watch over the coming months

Opinion/Interesting-but-not-immediately-impactful/intra-day boredom reading

Full catalyst list

  • Mon Oct 9 – China Caixin services PMI for Sept (Sun night/Mon morning)
  • Mon Oct 9 – German industrial production for Aug. 2amET.
  • Mon Oct 9 – earnings after the European close: LVMH.
  • Mon Oct 9 – Columbus Day holiday in the US (equities will be open while fixed income is closed).
  • Tues Oct 10 – German trade balance for Aug. 2amET.
  • Tues Oct 10 – analyst meetings: TECD, Santander, WDAY, WMT
  • Tues Oct 10 – PG shareholder meeting
  • Tues Oct 10 – earnings after the close: CUDA
  • Wed Oct 11 – US JOLTs report for Aug. 10amET.
  • Wed Oct 11 – Fed minutes from the Sept 20 meeting (2pmET).
  • Wed Oct 11 – analyst meetings: KR
  • Wed Oct 11 – earnings before the open: BLK, DAL, FAST, OZRK.
  • Thurs Oct 12 – Eurozone industrial production for Aug. 5amET.
  • Thurs Oct 12 – US PPI for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Thurs Oct 12 – analyst meetings: BOX, HPQ, LSCC, WDC.
  • Thurs Oct 12 – earnings before the open: C, DPZ, JPM, LNN, Sky PLC, Tata Consultancy.
  • Thurs Oct 12 – earnings after the close: EXFO
  • Fri Oct 13 – China imports/exports for Sept (Thurs night/Fri morning)
  • Fri Oct 13 – US CPI for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Fri Oct 13 – US retail sales for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Fri Oct 13 – US Michigan Sentiment for Oct. 10amET.
  • Fri Oct 13 – US business inventories for Aug. 10amET.
  • Fri Oct 13 – analyst meetings: SAFM
  • Fri Oct 13 – earnings before the open: BAC, DRFG, FHN, FRC, JBHT, Man Group, PNC, WFC.
  • Mon Oct 16 – China CPI/PPI for Sept (Sun night/Mon morning)
  • Mon Oct 16 – Eurozone trade balance for Aug. 5amET.
  • Mon Oct 16 – earnings before the open: SCHW
  • Mon Oct 16 – earnings after the close: BRO, IEX, NFLX, Rio Tinto
  • Tues Oct 17 – Eurozone Sept auto registrations. 2amET.
  • Tues Oct 17 – German ZEW survey results for Oct. 5amET.
  • Tues Oct 17 – US import prices for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Tues Oct 17 – US industrial production for Sept. 9:15amET.
  • Tues Oct 17 – US NAHB housing index for Oct. 10amET.
  • Tues Oct 17 – earnings before the open: BMI, CMA, CSX, GS, GWW, HOG, JNJ, MS, Pearson, PLD, Remy Cointreau, UNH
  • Tues Oct 17 – earnings after the close: ADTN, BHP, CP, CREE, IBM, LRCX, NAVI.
  • Wed Oct 18 – US housing starts for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Wed Oct 18 – US building permits fro Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Wed Oct 18 – US Beige Book. 2pmET.
  • Wed Oct 18 – earnings before the open: ABT, Akzo Nobel, MTB, NTRS, USB
  • Wed Oct 18 – earnings after the close: AA, AXP, BHE, CCI, CCK, EBAY, LLNW, SLG, TCBI
  • Thurs Oct 19 – China Q3 GDP and Sept retail sales, IP, and FAI (Wed night/Thurs morning)
  • Thurs Oct 19 – US Leading Index for Sept. 10amET.
  • Thurs Oct 19 – earnings before the open: ADS, BBT, BK, DGX, DHR, GPC, KEY, Nestle, Pernod Ricard, PM, PPG, Publicis, RCI, Roche, SAP, SON, Thales, TRV, TSMC, TXT, Unilever, VZ, WBC.
  • Thurs Oct 19 – earnings after the close: ATHN, ISRG, LHO, MXIM, NCR, PBCT, WDFC, WERN.
  • Fri Oct 20 – US existing home sales for Sept. 10amET.
  • Fri Oct 20 – earnings before the open: Assa Abloy, BHGE, CFG, CLF, Daimler, DST, GE, GNTX, KSU, SLB, STI, SYF, TomTom, Volvo.
  • Mon Oct 23 – China Sept property prices (Sun night/Mon morning).
  • Mon Oct 23 – US Chicago Fed Activity Index for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Mon Oct 23 – earnings before the open: HAL, HAS, ITW, KMB, STT, VFC
  • Mon Oct 23 – earnings after the close: ARNC, CR, OI
  • Tues Oct 24 – Eurozone flash PMIs for Oct. 4amET.
  • Tues Oct 24 – US flash PMIs for Oct. 9:45amET.
  • Tues Oct 24 – earnings before the open: AMTD, Anglo American, BASF, BIIB, CAT, CLB, CNC, FITB, GLW, GM, INFY, LLY, LMT, MAS, MCD, MMM, Novartis, PCAR, PHM, PNR, R, RF, SAH, SHW, SWK, WAT, WDR.
  • Tues Oct 24 – earnings after the close: AKAM, AMP, CMG, COF, DFS, ESRX, IRBT, T, TSS, TXN.
  • Wed Oct 25 – US durable goods for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Wed Oct 25 – US FHFA home price index for Aug. 9amET.
  • Wed Oct 25 – US new home sales for Sept. 10amET.
  • Wed Oct 25 – earnings before the open: ALK, ALLY, ANTM, Antofagasta, AOS, BA, BAX, Dassault Systemes, DPS, FCX, FLIR, Fresnillo, HBAN, Heineken, IP, IR, KO, LEA, LH, Lloyds Banking Group, NDAQ, NSC, NYCB, Peugeot, TMO, TUP, V, WBA, WEC.
  • Wed Oct 25 – earnings after the close: ABX, ACGL, AFL, AMGN, CLGX, DLR, FFIV, FTI, KIM, LSTR, NOW, ORLY, PKG, PLXS, RJF, TSCO, UNM, VAR, XLNX.
  • Thurs Oct 26 – US wholesale inventories for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Thurs Oct 26 – US advance goods trade balance for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Thurs Oct 26 – US pending home sales for Sept. 10amET.
  • Thurs Oct 26 – earnings before the open: Aixtron, ALLE, ALV, Anheuser Busch, APD, Bayer, BMY, BSX, BWA, CCMP, CELG, CHTR, CMCSA, CME, Deutsche Bank, ENTG, EQT, F, HLT, MMC, NEM, Nokia, ODFL, Santander, Schneider Electric, UNP, UPS, WM, XEL.
  • Thurs Oct 26 – earnings after the close: AIV, ATEN, CB, CDNS, EXPE, FLEX, FTNT, GILD, GOOG, HIG, INTC, LPLA, MSFT, NATI, PFG, SYK, VDSI, VRSN.
  • Fri Oct 27 – China Sept industrial profits (Thurs night/Fri morning).
  • Fri Oct 27 – US Q3 GDP, personal consumption, and core PCE for Q3. 8:30amET.
  • Fri Oct 27 – US Michigan Confidence numbers for Oct. 10amET.
  • Fri Oct 27 – earnings before the open: B, MRK, PSX, SC, TRU, Volkswagen, WY, XOM.
  • Mon Oct 30 – US personal income/spending and PCE for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Mon Oct 30 – US Dallas Fed index for Oct. 10:30amET.
  • Mon Oct 30 – analyst meetings: CSX
  • Mon Oct 30 – earnings before the open: HSBC
  • Mon Oct 30 – earnings after the close: AVB, CGNX, RE, RTEC, VNO
  • Tues Oct 31 – US Employment Cost Index for Q3. 8:30amET.
  • Tues Oct 31 – US Case-Shiller home price index for Aug. 9amET.
  • Tues Oct 31 – US Chicago PMI for Oct. 9:45amET.
  • Tues Oct 31 – US Conference Board Sentiment readings for Oct. 10amET.
  • Tues Oct 31 – earnings before the open: ADM, AET, Airbus, AMT, Barclays, BNP, CMI, ECL, GGP, K, MA, OSK, PFE, XYL.
  • Tues Oct 31 – earnings after the close: APC, CHRW, CXO, WFT, X
  • Wed Nov 1 – US ADP jobs report for Oct. 8:15amET.
  • Wed Nov 1 – US Markit Manufacturing PMI for Oct. 9:45amET.
  • Wed Nov 1 – US Manufacturing ISM for Oct. 10amET.
  • Wed Nov 1 – US construction spending report for Sept. 10amET.
  • Wed Nov 1 – US auto sales for Oct.
  • Wed Nov 1 – FOMC meeting decision. 2pmET.
  • Wed Nov 1 – earnings before the open: AGN, APO, CLX, EL, GRMN, HFC, Novo Nordisk, ORBK, Standard Chartered, TAP, TRI.
  • Wed Nov 1 – earnings after the close: ALL, BHF, BXP, CAVM, CSGS, FB, LNC, MANT, MET, MUSA, OXY, PRU, QCOM, ULTI, XPO.
  • Thurs Nov 2 – US nonfarm productivity and unit labor costs for Q3. 8:30amET.
  • Thurs Nov 2 – earnings before the open: ADP, AN, BCE, CI, Credit Suisse, DISCA, H, ICE, Royal Dutch Shell, Sanofi, Swiss Re, WRK.
  • Thurs Nov 2 – earnings after the close: AAPL, AIG, CBS, CRUS, FLR, HLF, RMAX, SBUX, UNIT.
  • Fri Nov 3 – US jobs report for Oct. 8:30amET.
  • Fri Nov 3 – US trade balance for Sept. 8:30amET.
  • Fri Nov 3 – US factory orders and durable goods orders for Sept. 10amET.
  • Fri Nov 3 – US non-manufacturing ISM for Oct. 10amET.
  • Tues Nov 7 – US JOLTs jobs report for Sept. 10amET.
  • Tues Nov 7 – US consumer credit for Sept. 3pmET.
  • Thurs Nov 9 – US wholesale trade sales/inventories for Sept. 10amET.
  • Fri Nov 10 – US Michigan Confidence preliminary numbers for Nov. 10amET.
  • Tues Nov 14 – US PPI for Oct. 8:30amET.
  • Wed Nov 15 – US CPI for Oct. 8:30amET.
  • Wed Nov 15 – US Empire Manufacturing for Nov. 8:30amET.
  • Wed Nov 15 – US retail sales for Oct. 8:30amET.
  • Wed Nov 15 – US business inventories for Sept. 10amET.
  • Thurs Nov 16 – US import prices for Oct. 8:30amET.
  • Thurs Nov 16 – US industrial production for Oct. 9:15amET.
  • Thurs Nov 16 – US NAHB housing index for Nov. 10amET.
  • Fri Nov 17 – US housing starts and building permits for Oct. 8:30amET.
  • Mon Nov 20 – US Leading Index for Oct. 10amET.
  • Tues Nov 21 – US existing home sales for Oct. 10amET.
  • Wed Nov 22 – US durable goods for Oct. 8:30amET.
  • Wed Nov 22 – US final Michigan Confidence numbers for Nov. 10amET.
  • Wed Nov 22 – FOMC 11/1 meeting minutes. 2pmET.
  • Fri Nov 24 – US flash PMIs for Nov. 9:45amET.
J.P. Morgan Market Intelligence is a product of the Institutional Equities Sales and Trading desk of J.P. Morgan Securities LLC and the intellectual property thereof. It is not a product of the Research Department and is intended for distribution to institutional and professional customers only and is not intended for retail customer use. It may not be reproduced, redistributed or transmitted, in whole or in part, without J.P. Morgan’s consent. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.
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Update Notes: November 28, 2018

Nov 28 Update

Today's update contains a huge array of new features, bugfixes, and quality of life improvements.

Crafting UI

Practical Summoning: You can now learn "Practical Summoning", an advanced teleportation technique that allows you to teleport recipe ingredients from nearby storage vaults into your inventory while you are crafting.
When you learn Practical Summoning, it adds a special feature to the Crafting UI. If you don't have an ingredient on hand, the Crafting UI will display a "Summon" button. Pressing this button will attempt the teleport. You can also right-click a recipe ingredient and choose Summon Ingredient.
To learn this technique you will need Teleportation level 12. For now, Irkima in the Red Wing Casino teaches this to his Friends for a price of 10,000 councils. (It will likely be moved in the future when more practical summoning techniques are added.)
Auto-Repeat & Recipe Delay: We've tweaked auto-repeat crafting: the "repeating recipe" progress bar, which is displayed to give players a few seconds to cancel the recipe, will no longer be shown if the recipe already has a suitable built-in delay. For instance, carding cotton at a cotton gin takes 3 seconds, so the "repeating recipe" progress bar isn't needed -- there's already time for you to abort the auto-repeat.
We've also removed the inherent recipe delay from many intermediate recipes, including most tool-creation recipes and all textile-creation recipes except for carding cotton. In addition, the inherent recipe delay of in-the-field decomposition recipes changed from 5 seconds to 3.
* You can now sort your recipe list in three ways: alphabetically, by recipe level, or by most-used recipes. There is no button for this UI feature yet; to access it, just right-click the name of a recipe in the list in the Crafting UI.
* You can now mark recipes as Favorites by right-clicking the recipe name in the list. There is a new drop-down option at the top of the list to show only favorite recipes.
* When crafting an enchanted item, the crafting window now shows info about the base item (the unenchanted version of the resulting item).

Inventory UI

Vendor Lock: If you've unlocked at least 1 extra inventory folder, you can now right-click the folder and choose "Vendor Lock" to keep the contents of that folder hidden from the vendor sales screen. Items from vendor-locked folders simply won't be shown in the sales list at all, just as items used in a Loadout are not shown.
Inventory Hints: The inventory panel now offers you hints about items that are useful for your current situation. For example, when you are giving a gift to an NPC, the UI will highlight appropriate gifts in the inventory window with an animated overlay.
Similarly, when you are viewing a storage vault that can only store certain types of items, items you are allowed to store in that vault are highlighted. Likewise with consignment: the items you are allowed to consign with that vendor are highlighted.
Sorting Tweaks: We've refined the Inventory Sort button to automatically recognize new categories of items. The goal is for similar types of items to clump together when sorted. For example: mushrooms now sort next to each other, different stages of cotton sort together, silk sorts together, skinning knives appear near other tools, throwing knives sort together, and many more.
* Added an "Update this Loadout" button to loadout window; this button just replaces the contents of the loadout with the currently-active abilities and gear.
* Added a spot on the inventory window that you can drag items onto to get More Info. This is the same as right-clicking the item and choosing More Info.
* Fixed several subtle mouse-click bugs with the inventory window. Most notably, you couldn't drag items around in inventory while you were "in combat".
* Cleaned up confusing error messages and sometimes-buggy behavior with the Split Stack window. (BTW, did you know you can quickly split a stack of items by clicking the inventory item while holding down the SHIFT key?)

Main UI

Drag Lock: If you want to prevent accidentally messing up your ability bars, there's a new option for you in the Settings window under the GUI tab. Just disable the option "Allow dragging things off of ability bars". You'll still be able to drag icons from the Abilities window ONTO your bars; you just won't be able to drag them OFF of the bars.
Effect Wiggle: Beneficial effects that last more than 5 minutes will now "wiggle" when the effect is nearly over. This is intended to alert you that important buffs (such as Food) are wearing off, and that you had probably better do something about that.
* Added a new setting to let you turn off the player stats bar that's usually in the top-left corner. This is for players who would prefer to just use the stats globes to track their health/armoetc.
* The sidebar now has a right-click menu item to bring up the Special Abilities list, similar to the option already available on the bottom bars.
* Fixed bugs with the sidebar's contents getting changed or lost when using potions and effects that increased the number of sidebar slots (such as Gur-Horta)
* Fixed bug where changing the horizontal/vertical layout of the ability bars was not always saved in the settings for the next time the game started.
* On the character selection screen, if the character is not Hanging Out with someone, it instead shows the area the character is in.


Steam Family Sharing: We no longer support Steam's Family Sharing feature, which lets other family members "borrow" your games while you aren't playing them. This was being used by a few people to create extra "mule" characters for free.
Very few players are affected by this change, but if you are affected and you need help sorting things out, just drop us an e-mail at [email protected]. (And remember that if you want to let someone try out the game, you just can point them at the free demo!)
BookSaveToFile: Remember the old save-reports-to-file feature that was lost when we replaced the UI? No? Well, we've re-implemented it. If you add BookSaveToFile to your special settings, the "book" UI window will have a button that saves the contents to a file on your hard drive. This feature is intended to let players save reports such as the results from '/isearch' or '/guild who' so they can reference this information outside of the game. (Please note that this convenience feature may eventually be restricted to people who have the VIP subscriber plan.)
* At the Guild Management Sign, the Roster option can now be sorted by rank/name (the default, as before) or by Last Time Online.
* When using the Eject Guild Members option, that popup list is sorted by Last Time Online. (We assume that if you're making room in the roster, you probably want to eject people who haven't been online recently.)
* Fixed a bug with Dwarven Fixer: It did not correctly block the bright-lights screen effect of Delerium Tremens (the nastiest withdrawal state of an alcoholic). If you have Dwarven Fixer in your system already, you may need to drink another dose to get the fixed effect.
* Dwarven Fixer now lasts 3 hours instead of 1.
* Fixed several scripted scenarios where the game said you were lit on fire, but you weren't actually lit on fire (such as when trying to break into Ivyn's chest or when giving the wrong answer to the creepy crystal).
* Fixed various scripting bugs that caused players to receive items with impossibly-high stack sizes instead of receiving multiple stacks of the item.
* Fixed bugs when using the /leave command to leave a chat room that was in use in more than one chat channel. - Improved the heuristics for closing chat tabs automatically.
* Fixed bug that caused the Group window to sometimes lose track of a party member (showing blank health/armopower bars for them).
* Miscellaneous performance optimizations related to the user interface.
* Added new icons for resource items that are commonly confused with other resource items.
* Added missing titles from player packages. If your account still doesn't have a title and it should, please e-mail [email protected] ASAP so we can get you sorted out.
submitted by mrwarp to projectgorgon [link] [comments]

J.P. Morgan Early Look at the Market – Fri 1-13-17

J.P. Morgan Early Look at the Market – Fri 1.13.17
Trading Desk Commentary; For Institutional Investors Only

Morning Levels

• US futures are up 3-4 points
• Asia: Japan Nikkei +0.80%, Japan TOPIX +0.62%, China -0.21%, Hong Kong +0.47%, KOSPI - 0.50%, Taiwan -0.33%, Australia -0.79%
• EuroStoxx 50 +0.78%, FTSE +0.37%, DAX +0.60%, CAC +0.85%, Italy +1.18%, Spain +0.76%
• USD (DXY) down 0.14%, EUR up 0.32%, GBP up 0.49%, JPY up 0.03%, CNY Onshore down 0.07%, CNH Offshore up 0.14%, AUD up 0.07%
• VIX down 0.87% to 11.44
• Gold up 0.14% to $1,197.11
• Silver down 0.09% to $16.81
• Copper down 0.75% to $265.15
• WTI Crude down 1.04% to $52.46
• Brent Crude down 1.21% to $55.33
• Natural Gas down 0.21% to $3.38
• Corn down 0.28% to $3.57/bu
• Wheat unch at $426.25
• Treasuries 2yr yields are down ~0.9bps at 1.165%, 10yr yields are down ~1.6bps at 2.347% and 30yr yields are down ~1.1bps at 2.949%
• Japan 10yr yields 0.039%, up ~0.9bps on the day
• France 10yr yields 0.776%, up ~0.5bps on the day
• Italy 10yr yields 1.898%, up ~0.8bps on the day
• Spain 10yr yields 1.405%, up ~0.7bps on the day
• Germany 10yr yields 0.309%, up ~0.2bps on the day

Trading Update

• Market update – once again, there isn’t much to talk about overnight. China’s trade numbers were the big macro headline but those figures are hardly changing the broader macro narrative (exports fell slightly short while imports were inline). Otherwise the wires were largely void of major headlines. Asia was mixed, Eurozone stocks are rallying nicely (although are on track to end the week lower), and US futures are up a few points.
• Calendar - for Friday investors will be watching US Dec PPI/retail sales (8:30amET), US Michigan confidence for Jan (10amET), one Fed speaker (Harker), and earnings (BAC, BLK, FHN, FRC, JPM, PNC, and WFC pre-open).
• Eurozone stocks – the main Eurozone indices are seeing solid gains (up ~60-70bp). Most major sub-groups are trading higher but tech, fin services, banks, media, and healthcare are outperforming. Fiat Chrysler is rebounding as investors view its emissions scandal as less severe than the one that hit VW although Renault is weak as Paris prosecutors open a probe into its emissions. Technicolor is the weakest stock in the SXXP after cutting its outlook.
• FX – the DXY is in the red again so far Fri morning (the DXY is tracking for a ~1% dip this week). The USD is weak vs. the GBP and EUR and is flattish against the JPY. Investors are looking forward to the Brexit speech on Tues from PM May.
• Asia – the major Asian bourses were mixed: Japan (TPX +0.62%, NKY +0.8%), HK (Hang Seng +0.47%, HSCEI +0.66%), mainland China (SHCOMP -0.21%, Shenzhen -1.55%), Korea (KOSPI - 0.5%), Australia (ASX 200 -0.79%), and India (flattish for the major indices). China’s trade numbers were the big headline out of Asia (exports were a touch light while imports were inline). The Bank of Korea decision was largely consistent w/expectations. In India, INFY and TCS are both trading lower despite OK earnings from both. Taiwan didn’t trade very badly despite the underwhelming TSMC guidance.
• Japan – it was an extremely quiet and relatively uneventful trading session. Focus has begun to turn to earnings with Retail +2.3% bouncing from recent weakness following Fast Retailing +1.1% and Seven&i +8.6% earnings beat. Downside was led by Nintendo -5.8%, trading close to 10% of total TPX turnover, as its 'Switch' presentation failed to impress - especially with their $299.99 pricing (street was modeling more around $250~$275). Otherwise, dispersion across sectors was low and larger moves were driven more by microheadlines: Takata traded at limit high (+16.47%) after headlines saying the co and the US Justice Department may announce a settlement as soon as Fri over air bags, SMM -4.7% got hit after Nickel's weakness overnight, while Screen -4.0% traded lower on TSMC's weakerthan- expected guidance for 1H '17.
• Hong Kong - sector wise Coal outperformed +3.75% together with Chinese OEMs +2.8% while Chinese Railways were down 0.4%. In the Chinese property sector, Vanke was well bid +5.7% after China Resources Holdings has agreed to sell 15.3% of total shs out to Shenzhen Metro Group at 37.2b yuan. In the Auto sector, Great Wall Motor spiked 2.7% after announcing a positive profit alert; the rest of the sector traded higher. Despite a pullback of the commodity complex, Steel +3% and Coal pushed higher driven mainly by further NDRCdriven expectations of SOE reform/consolidation, China Shenhua +4.1% Angang Steel +2.5%. The bounce in oil prices triggered a rally in Energy names, Sinopec putting on a +3.57%, Petrochina +2.6%.
• South Korea – the KOSPI ended off 0.5%. Samsung Electronics slumped ~3.45% following tech weakness in the US on Thurs (note that Samsung did a lot worse than TSMC). Hynix finished down ~0.59% (JPMorgan has a Hynix note this morning and recommends booking profits instead of chasing the rally).
• Taiwan – the TAIEX ended off 0.33%. TSMC fell 1.63% after its downbeat guidance (although the local TSM did a lot better than the US ADR on Thurs which fell ~3%). The rest of tech didn’t trade too badly despite TSM (MediaTek -0.92%, Hon Hai -0.12%, etc). On the upside, outperformers included Advantech +1.5%, Quanta +0.79%, Pegatron +0.96%, Innolux +1.17%, and AUO +1.16%.
• US equity macro update - the multi-month rally has been underpinned by two main developments: 1) improved nominal growth (which predated the election by a few months and is largely politically agnostic for the near-term) and 2) GOD EMPEROR Trump enthusiasm. One of these factors remains in place (growth) while the other is increasingly dubious (the political optimism – see below). However, the market isn’t anticipating instant action out of Washington and in fact the ’17 numbers (~$127-128) don’t really require any political/policy changes (the problem is more w/the 2018 numbers where the tentative ~$145 EPS forecast needs some assistance from Washington). Therefore investors may give the benefit of the doubt to GOD EMPEROR Trump and Congressional Republicans until at least the end of the summer. This faith though is finite and will likely wind up being disappointed as investors appreciate the insurmountable complexity and tradeoffs of tax reform and realize that no government, Republican or Democrat, can provide much added impetus to a full-employment economy facing the twin structural headwinds of tepid labor supply and productivity growth.

Top Headlines for Friday

• China Dec trade numbers; slight export miss and inline imports – exports came in -6.1% (vs. the St -4% and JPM -3.3%) while imports rose 3.1% (vs. the St +3% and JPM +3.4%). Takeaways from JPMorgan’s Grace Ng - While December export growth, in over-year-ago US$ terms, came in below expectations, in sequential terms, exports still rose 1.9%m/m sa, adding to the notable gain at 3.3% m/m sa in November. Besides, imports came in line with expectations, up 2.1% m/m sa in December, following the surge at 7.8% m/m sa in November. Commodity imports came in rather mixed in December, although that followed the notable broad-based gain in November. Looking ahead, the expected modest improvement in global growth going into 2017, along with CNY’s trade-weighted adjustment over the past year, would likely be moderately supportive for China’s external trade, although uncertainty regarding potential US-China trade tensions poses notable risks.
• China vs. US – a Chinese newspaper, the Global Times, said blocking Chinese access to its islands in the South China Sea, an idea endorsed by Rex Tillerson during his confirmation hearing, would require the US to “wage war”; "Tillerson had better bone up on nuclear power strategies if he wants to force a big nuclear power to withdraw from its own territories” – Reuters
• China currency bears remain despite recent CNY strengthening – Reuters notes that the PBOC may have tempered near-term cautiousness and given pause to short-term traders but sentiment around the yuan is still very gloomy.
• OPEC unlikely to deliver fully on cut pledge – Reuters notes that some cheating is inevitable and OPEC apparently would be happy if compliance stays within a 50-80% band; OPEC sources say compliance “is never 100%” and the cartel would be content so long as the overall rate is north of 50% – Reuters
• Yellen spoke Thurs night although her remarks weren’t very incremental; Yellen said the US economy doesn’t face any serious short-term obstacles. “Unemployment has now reached a low level, the labor market is generally strong and wage growth is beginning to pick up,” Yellen said Thursday in a meeting with educators. “Inflation has moved up from a very low level, and it’s a little bit under our 2 percent objective, but it’s pretty close.” Bloomberg
• Fed unity – the WSJ notes how Fed officials, including hawks and doves, are expressing remarkable unanimity in their policy outlooks. A slew of Fed officials spoke over the last few days and most think the FOMC will hike rates 2-4 times this year (most appear comfortable w/the current three hike outlook expressed by the median 2017 dot). WSJ
• Monetary vs. fiscal policy - the Fed continues to clearly warn Congress/GOD EMPEROR Trump that any material fiscal stimulus would likely result in a faster withdrawal of accommodation (“Evans Thurs morning became the latest in a series of Fed policymakers to quietly warn that this may not be the best moment to launch a major fiscal plan or throw too much stimulus into the economy”
• US fiscal outlook weakens – the US had a deficit of $580B/3.1% of GDP in C16, up from 2.6% in C15. The 2016 figure follows 6 years of shrinking deficits and the numbers are set to worsen in the years ahead. WSJ
• Tax reform/border taxes - Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) on Thursday defended the House GOP border tax proposal and called it "a little offensive" that some U.S. companies are criticizing it. "This is not controversial, and quite frankly, it's a little offensive that some of the major American companies that are importers who do business worldwide are even raising concerns of this plan, because I don't see them going to Germany or Mexico or China to raise these concerns” – The Hill
• Border taxes - Larry Kudlow speaking on CNBC (at ~1:15pmET Thurs afternoon) is vehemently against the idea of border taxes and worries that this issue could doom the entire tax reform effort given how controversial it is. Kudlow at one point was being considered for an economic job in the GOD EMPEROR Trump team (it isn’t clear where that consideration stands now). GOD EMPEROR Trump hasn’t explicitly addressed the Ryan border tax blueprint.
• Paul Ryan conducted a town hall on CNN Thurs night although there weren’t many materially incremental headlines out of the event. Ryan reiterated a desire to pass ACA replace legislation at the same as the repeal bills are approved. Ryan said Republicans are moving "as quickly as they can" to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, but said he doesn't yet have a date, and it will take "a little bit of time" to do so (CNN
• Healthcare - the NYT details how GOD EMPEROR Trump’s healthcare promises will be difficult to achieve ( while the WSJ discusses the bipartisan healthcare problem: “the sick are expensive and someone has to pay” ( The head of the conservative House Freedom Caucus predicted Thursday that the GOP's ObamaCare replacement plan is “likely to fail” in the Senate (The Hill
• GOD EMPEROR Trump’s team calls on Republicans to make childcare more affordable – GOD EMPEROR Trump aids are instructing Congressional Republicans to incorporate measures into upcoming tax reform legislation to make childcare more affordable. Proposals would allow parents to deduct certain child care costs. Politico
• Don’t Let the Dollar Inhibit Growth. A soaring currency could slow exports, fueling populist anger. Time for another Plaza Accord? WSJ editorial.
• Int’l company-specific news update from Fri morning. The Infosys (out Thurs night US/preopen India) and Tata Consultancy (out after the India close Thurs) earnings were decent but both stocks are getting hit in India trading Fri morning. In Europe Fiat Chrysler is rebounding as investors view its emissions scandal as less severe than the one that hit VW although Renault is weak as Paris prosecutors open a probe into its emissions. Technicolor is the weakest stock in the SXXP after cutting its outlook.
• US company-specific news update from Thurs night. It was another pretty uneventful evening. DOV provided F17 guidance – the top line was fine but the EPS guide was a bit below the St. Pandora (P) published an upside preannouncement for CQ4 (the co also announced restructuring actions). Finally, RYI said that it anticipates seasonally lower revenue for the fourth quarter of 2016 compared to the third quarter of 2016 due to fewer shipping days.

Calendar of events to watch for the week of Mon Jan 16

• Bottom Line – the big focus during the week of 1/16 will be on earnings, US eco data (US CPI for Dec Wed morning 1/18), the ECB decision (Thurs 1/19 – this should be a non-event), China eco data (Dec IP/retail sales and Q4 GDP all out Thurs night/Fri morning), and two Yellen speeches (she will take part in a discussion Wed 1/18 at 3pmET and speaks at Stanford Thurs 1/19 at 8pmET). Also GOD EMPEROR Trump’s inauguration is Friday. Keep in mind Mon 1/16 is a holiday in the US (MLK Day).
• Mon 1/16 – US markets are closed for MLK Day. BHP is scheduled to give its Q4 production update Mon night.
• Tues 1/17 – this day should be pretty quiet w/no major eco numbers and only a few earnings (CMA, MS, and UNH pre-open and ADTN and CSX after the close). In addition, two Fed officials will be speaking (Dudley, Williams), Chinese President Xi gives a keynote at the Davos conf., and UK PM May is expected to give a “major” speech on Brexit.
• Wed 1/18 – the big focus on Wed will be the US CPI for Dec at 8:30amET w/investors watching inflation numbers closely. Also Yellen will participate in a discussion (3pmET) and
a bunch of earnings are due (AMTD, ASML, Burberry, C, FAST, GS, NTRS, SCHW, and USB pre-open and NFLX, PLXS, PTC, and SLM after the close).
• Thurs 1/19 – the ECB decision (7:45amET statement, 8:30amET press conf.) should be a non-event. The other events include Yellen’s speech at Stanford (8pmET) and earnings (BBT, BK, CHKP, KEY, PPG, UNP, and WBS pre-open and AXP, IBM, and SWKS after the close).
• Fri 1/20 – this day will be dominated by China’s eco data (Dec IP/retail sales and Q4 GDP out Thurs night/Fri morning), earnings (CFG, COL, GE, KSU, RF, SLB, STI, and SYF pre-open), and two Fed speakers (Harker and Williams). GOD EMPEROR Trump’s inauguration (he becomes president at 12pmET) shouldn’t be all that important (although many are fearful of investors booking profits on the “GOD EMPEROR Trump Trade” following this event).

Catalysts for 2017 – big events to watch for 2017 (preliminary list – additional events likely to be

• US bank earnings season kicks off Fri 1/13 (BAC, BLK, FHN, FRC, JPM, PNC, and WFC all report Fri morning).
• Earnings - week of Mon 1/16 is the first big one of the CQ4 earnings season.
• World Economic Forum 1/17-20 in Davos.
• ECB – first ECB decision of the year will occur on Jan 19.
• China eco data - Dec IP/retail sales/FAI and Q4 GDP – Fri morning 1/20.
GOD EMPEROR Trump inauguration Fri 1/20.
• Oil – OPEC and non-OPEC committee Jan 21-22 Vienna meeting (this will be the first meeting to evaluate whether all the parties are adhering to the recent production agreement).
• Italy – Italian Constitutional Court to hold hearing on legitimacy of Italian electoral law on Jan 24.
• Japan – there is speculation Abe could call elections in the Jan timeframe.
• US banks – the Fed will prob. publish the ’17 CCAstress test criteria around the end of Jan (the criteria was released Jan 28, 2016 for the last testing cycle).
• US GDP – the Q4 GDP number will be published Fri 1/27.
• China New Year holiday. Mainland markets closed Fri 1/27-Thurs 2/2.
• Fed – first Fed decision of the year will occur on Feb 1.
• Netherlands will have national elections Mar 15.
• Fed meeting – first press conf./dot plot decision of the year is Mar 15.
• G20 Fin Min/central bank governors meeting Mar 17-18 in Germany.
• China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) usually take place in mid-Mar; the gov’t will formally publish its 2017 economic objectives at this event.
• US debt ceiling - the debt limit has been suspended since late ’15 but is due to be reinstated on Mar 16, 2017.
• EU Leaders Summit Mar 25 – this could be the forum at which the UK formally triggers Article 50.
• WFC’s “living will” – WFC will resubmit its living will in the Mar timeframe. Normally this wouldn’t be a major event but if WFC’s living will is deemed inadequate again the Fed could raise the company’s capital requirements.
• France first-round presidential election Apr 23 (run-off is May 7).
• US Treasury publishes semi-annual currency report around Apr timeframe (investors will watch China’s designation closely and if it gets labeled a currency manipulator).
• US gov’t funding – current spending legislation will keep the gov’t funding until Apr 28
• NATO – Montenegro is expected to become a NATO member in the spring of 2017.
• G7 Leaders Summit May 26-27 in Italy.
• Italy – new elections are likely in the June timeframe.
• Russia – European sanctions against Russia are due to expire in June. Given the likely outcome of the French election, they will prob. not be extended (
• China/MSCI - MSCI will announce the result of the China A shares inclusion proposal as part of the 2017 Market Classification Review in June 2017.
• G20 Leaders Summit Jul 7-8 2017 in Germany.
• German elections – the next German elections will be held between Aug and Oct 2017.
• Chinese politics – China’s 19th National Congress will take place in the fall of 2017 and will set the country’s political path for the next five years.

Full catalyst list

• Fri Jan 13 – China imports/exports for Dec (Thurs night/Fri morning)
• Fri Jan 13 – US PPI for Dec. 8:30amET. • Fri Jan 13 – US retail sales for Dec. 8:30amET.
• Fri Jan 13 – Michigan Confidence numbers for Jan. 10amET.
• Fri Jan 13 – Fed speakers: Harker
• Fri Jan 13 – earnings before the open: BAC, BLK, FHN, FRC, INFY, JPM, PNC, WFC • Fri Jan 13 - JPMorgan Healthcare Conf. Jan 9-13. San Francisco.
• Mon Jan 16 – earnings out Mon night: Rio Tinto
• Mon Jan 16 – ECB’s Praet speaks
• Mon Jan 16 – BOE’s Carney speaks
• Mon Jan 16 – US markets closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
• Tues Jan 17 – Fed speakers: Dudley, Williams
• Tues Jan 17 – European trading updates: Alstom, Casino, Provident Financial, Renault
• Tues Jan 17 – WTR earnings guidance conf. call.
• Tues Jan 17 – earnings before the open: CMA, EDU, INFO, MS, SNV, UNH
• Tues Jan 17 – earnings after the close: ADTN, CSX
• Wed Jan 18 – US CPI for Dec. 8:30amET.
• Wed Jan 18 – US IP for Dec. 9:15amET.
• Wed Jan 18 – Bank of Canada rate decision
• Wed Jan 18 – Fed speakers: Kashkari, Yellen
• Wed Jan 18 – analyst meetings: ASNA
• Wed Jan 18 – European trading updates: Burberry, Experian
• Wed Jan 18 – earnings before the open: AMTD, ASML, C, FAST, GS, NTRS, SCHW, USB
• Wed Jan 18 – earnings after the close: CLC, NFLX, PLXS, PTC, SLM
• Thurs Jan 19 – ECB decision. 7:45amET statement, 8:30amET press conf.
• Thurs Jan 19 – US housing starts and building permits for Dec. 8:30amET.
• Thurs Jan 19 – Fed speakers: Yellen
• Thurs Jan 19 – analyst meetings: PAY
• Thurs Jan 19 – European trading updates: Ahold, British Land, Carrefour, Remy Cointreau
• Thurs Jan 19 – earnings before the open: BBT, BK, CBSH, CHKP, JBHT, KCG, KEY, MTG, PPG,
• Thurs Jan 19 – earnings after the close: ASB, AXP, IBM, PBCT, SWKS
• Fri Jan 20 – China Dec IP/retail sales/FAI and Q4 GDP (Thurs night/Fri morning)
• Fri Jan 20 – ECB survey of professional forecasters. 4amET.
Fri Jan 20 – GOD EMPEROR Trump’s inauguration
• Fri Jan 20 – Fed speakers: Harker, Williams
• Fri Jan 20 – earnings before the open: CFG, COL, GE, KSU, RF, SLB, STI, SYF
• Mon Jan 23 – earnings before the open: BOH, HAL, MCD
• Mon Jan 23 – earnings after the close: ATI, BRO, SIMO, ZION
• Tues Jan 24 – US flash manufacturing PMI for Jan. 9:45amET.
• Tues Jan 24 – US existing home sales for Dec. 10amET.
• Tues Jan 24 – European trading updates: BHP, Dixons Carphone
• Tues Jan 24 – earnings before the open: AKS, BABA, DD, DHI, FITB, GLW, JNJ, JNS, KMB, LMT, MMM, Philips, PLD, PII, SAP, TRV, VZ
• Tues Jan 24 – earnings after the close: AA, CA, CNI, COF, CREE, DFS, ISRG, LG Display, NAVI,
Samsung Electronics, STLD, STX, SYK, TSS, TXN
• Wed Jan 25 – BP 2017 energy outlook • Wed Jan 25 – analyst meetings: KMI
• Wed Jan 25 – European trading updates: Antofagasta, Fresnillo, Tod’s, WH Smith
• Wed Jan 25 – earnings before the open: ABT, APH, BA, CVLT, EAT, FCX, GWW, HBAN, ITW,
LOGI, PG, PGR, Novartis, NYCB, PGR, Santander, SC, STT, TXT, UTX, VLY
• Wed Jan 25 – earnings after the close: BXS, CCI, CLB, DRE, EBAY, FFIV, KNX, LRCX, MCK,
• Thurs Jan 26 – China Dec industrial profits (Wed night/Thurs morning) • Thurs Jan 26 – US wholesale inventories for Dec. 8:30amET.
• Thurs Jan 26 – US advanced goods trade balance for Dec. 8:30amET.
• Thurs Jan 26 – US flash services PMI for Jan. 9:45amET.
• Thurs Jan 26 – US new home sales for Dec. 10amET.
• Thurs Jan 26 – European trading updates: Anglo American, Diageo, JCDecaux, LVMH, Sage
• Thurs Jan 26 – earnings before the open: ADS, BHI, BIIB, BMS, BMY, BX, CAT, CELG, CMCSA,
• Thurs Jan 26 – earnings after the close: AJG, BCR, FLEX, GOOG, INTC, JNPR, KLAC, MSFT,
• Fri Jan 27 – China New Year holiday. Mainland markets closed Fri 1/27-Thurs 2/2.
• Fri Jan 27 – US Q4 GDP. 8:30amET.
• Fri Jan 27 – US durable goods for Dec. 8:30amET.
• Fri Jan 27 – US Michigan Confidence for Jan. 10amET.
• Fri Jan 27 – earnings before the open: APD, BT, CL, CVX, HON, UBS
• Mon Jan 30 – US personal income/spending for Dec. 8:30amET.
• Mon Jan 30 – US PCE for Dec. 8:30amET.
• Mon Jan 30 – US pending home sales for Dec. 10amET.
• Mon Jan 30 – earnings before the open: BAH, EPD
• Mon Jan 30 – earnings after the close: CR, GGG, IDTI, IEX, LEG, PFG, RGA
• Tues Jan 31 – BOJ policy decision (Mon night/Tues morning)
• Tues Jan 31 – US employment cost index (ECI) for Q4. 8:30amET.
• Tues Jan 31 – US CoreLogic home prices for Nov. 9amET.
• Tues Jan 31 – Chicago PMI for Jan. 9:45amET.
• Tues Jan 31 – US consumer confidence for Jan. 10amET.
• Tues Jan 31 – earnings before the open: ABC, ALLY, COH, HOG, LLY, MA, NDAQ, NUE, PFE,
• Tues Jan 31 – earnings after the close: AAPL, APC, BDN, CB, CHRW, EQR, MANH, PLT, X
• Wed Feb 1 – China NBS manufacturing/non-manufacturing PMIs (Tues night/Wed morning)
• Wed Feb 1 – US ADP employment report for Jan. 8:15amET.
• Wed Feb 1 – Markit manufacturing PMI for Jan. 9:45amET.
• Wed Feb 1 – US manufacturing ISM for Jan. 10amET.
• Wed Feb 1 – US construction spending for Dec. 10amET.
• Wed Feb 1 – US auto sales for Jan.
• Wed Feb 1 – FOMC decision. 2pmET.
• Wed Feb 1 – earnings before the open: ADP, ANTM, MO, MTH, Roche, Siemens
• Wed Feb 1 – earnings after the close: ALL, CBL, CDNS, CRUS, DOX, LNC, LSTR, MAA, MET, TSCO
• Thurs Feb 2 – ECB economic bulletin. 4amET.
• Thurs Feb 2 – BOE policy decision. 7amET.
• Thurs Feb 2 – US non-farm productivity and unit labor costs for Q4. 8:30amET.
• Thurs Feb 2 – European trading updates: Aberdeen Asset Mgmt., CME, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, EL, IP, MMC, MRK, Nokia, PH, R, Vodafone, WFT, XYL
• Thurs Feb 2 – earnings after the close: AIV, CCK, CMG, DATA, FEYE, GGP, GPRO, HIG, KIM, VR
• Fri Feb 3 – China mainland markets re-open after being shut for the New Year holiday
• Fri Feb 3 – China Caixin manufacturing PMI (Thurs night/Fri morning)
• Fri Feb 3 – US jobs report for Jan. 8:30amET.
• Fri Feb 3 – US Markit services PMI for Jan. 9:45amET.
• Fri Feb 3 – US non-manufacturing ISM for Jan. 10amET.
• Fri Feb 3 – US factory orders for Dec. 10amET.
• Fri Feb 3 – US durable goods for Dec. 10amET.
• Fri Feb 3 – earnings before the open: APO, ATHN, CLX, HSY, PSX, WY
• Mon Feb 6 – earnings before the open: AINV, CBOE, HAS
• Mon Feb 6 – earnings after the close: MAC
• Tues Feb 7 – China Caixin services PMI (Mon night/Tues morning).
• Tues Feb 7 – US trade balance for Dec. 8:30amET.
• Tues Feb 7 – US JOLTs report for Dec. 10amET.
• Tues Feb 7 – US consumer credit for Dec. 3pmET.
• Wed Feb 8 – ECB’s Draghi speaks in Dutch parliament
• Wed Feb 8 – earnings after the close: PRU
• Thurs Feb 9 – US wholesale inventories/trade sales for Dec. 10amET.
• Fri Feb 10 – US import price index for Jan. 8:30amET.
• Fri Feb 10 – US Michigan Confidence for Feb. 10amET.
• Tues Feb 14 – US PPI for Jan. 8:30amET.
• Wed Feb 15 – US Empire Manufacturing for Feb. 8:30amET.
• Wed Feb 15 – US CPI for Jan. 8:30amET.
• Wed Feb 15 – US retail sales for Jan. 8:30amET.
• Wed Feb 15 – US industrial production for Jan. 9:15amET.
• Wed Feb 15 – US NAHB housing market index for Feb. 10amET.
• Thurs Feb 16 – ECB meeting minutes
• Thurs Feb 16 – US housing starts/building permits for Jan. 8:30amET.
• Thurs Feb 16 – US Philadelphia Fed for Feb. 8:30amET.
• Tues Feb 21 – US flash manufacturing PMI for Feb. 9:45amET.
• Wed Feb 22 – US existing home sales for Jan. 10amET.
• Wed Feb 22 – FOMC minutes from 2/1 meeting. 2pmET.
• Thurs Feb 23 – US home price purchase index for Q4. 9amET.
• Thurs Feb 23 – US flash services PMI for Feb. 9:45amET.
• Fri Feb 24 – US new home sales for Jan. 10amET.
• Fri Feb 24 – US Michigan sentiment for Feb. 10amET.
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[USA][H] Almost all Steam games, discounted [W] Paypal (USD)

I have a wide selection of Steam games available for sale. Please check the prices below, but note that I can only quote these prices for 12 hours. If you want to price check ANY GAME, you can comment below.
My steam account is here.
Game Price (USD)
7 Days to Die $12
Age of Empires II HD $7.8
Age of Empires II HD + The Forgotten Expansion $11.2
Age of Empires Legacy Bundle Including The Forgotten $20
ARK: Survival Evolved $16.6
Arma 2: Combined Operations $5.7
Arma 2: Complete Collection $9.2
Arma 3 $30
Assassin’s Creed® Brotherhood $5.6
Assassin’s Creed® III $5.9
Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag™ $7.9
Assassin's Creed 2 Deluxe Edition $5
Assassin's Creed Revelations - Gold Edition $5.6
Assassin's Creed™: Director's Cut Edition $5
Banished $6
BattleBlock Theater® $2.2
Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2 $4.9
Besiege $4.5
BioShock Triple Pack $10.6
Borderlands 2 Game of the Year $8.6
Call of Duty: World at War $13.6
Call of Duty®: Black Ops II $11.8
Castle Crashers® $2.2
Chivalry: Complete Pack $4.3
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare $3.8
Cities: Skylines $12.9
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive $8
Crypt of the NecroDancer $5.8
Crysis $5.6
DARK SOULS™ II: Scholar of the First Sin $22
DARK SOULS™: Prepare To Die™ Edition $5.9
DayZ $26
Dead Island Collection $3.9
Dead Realm $4
Depth $7
Don't Starve Together $9.5
Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition $9.1
Far Cry 3 $5.8
Far Cry Franchise Pack $9.6
FORCED: Slightly Better Edition $2
Garry's Mod $3.2
Grand Theft Auto IV $6.6
Grand Theft Auto V $38
H1Z1 $14.9
Half-Life $3.6
Insurgency $5.9
Killing Floor 2 $15
Left 4 Dead 2 $3.3
Metro Redux Bundle $6.1
Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series $18
Mount & Blade: Warband $4
NBA 2K16 $38
PAYDAY 2 $4.3
PAYDAY 2: Clover Character Pack $0.7
PAYDAY 2: Dragan Character Pack $2
PAYDAY 2: Gage Assault Pack $1.2
PAYDAY 2: Gage Chivalry Pack $1.2
PAYDAY 2: Gage Mod Courier $1.8
PAYDAY 2: Gage Ninja Pack $1.2
PAYDAY 2: Gage Shotgun Pack $1.3
PAYDAY 2: Gage Sniper Pack $1.3
PAYDAY 2: Gage Weapon Pack #01 $0.7
PAYDAY 2: Gage Weapon Pack #02 $0.7
PAYDAY 2: Gage Weapon Pack Bundle $3.6
PAYDAY 2: GOTY Edition $11
PAYDAY 2: Hotline Miami $1
PAYDAY 2: Sokol Character Pack $1.3
PAYDAY 2: The Alesso Heist $1.6
PAYDAY 2: The Bomb Heists $2
PAYDAY 2: The Butcher's AK/CAR Mod Pack $2
PAYDAY 2: The Butcher's BBQ Pack $1.2
PAYDAY 2: The Butcher's Western Pack $1.2
PAYDAY 2: The Diamond Heist $1.6
PAYDAY 2: The Golden Grin Casino Heist $1.7
PAYDAY 2: The OVERKILL Pack $1.2
PAYDAY 2: Yakuza Character Pack $1.2
Poker Night 2 $4
Poker Night at the Inventory $3.9
Portal 2 $6.6
Portal Bundle $7.2
Prison Architect $15.4
Reign Of Kings $10
Rust $16
Sid Meier's Civilization V: Complete Edition $14
Sid Meier's Civilization® V $5.4
Skullgirls $3
Sniper Elite 3 $9.9
South Park™: The Stick of Truth™ $8
Space Engineers $15.5
SpeedRunners $8
Super Meat Boy $1.9
Terraria $7.2
The Binding of Isaac $1.6
The Binding of Isaac Collection $1.8
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth $8
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth $7.6
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion® Game of the Year Edition $9.9
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim $4.4
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Legendary Edition $13.9
The Forest $9.6
The Orange Box $5.6
The Talos Principle $5.8
The Walking Dead: Season 2 $6
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition $2.6
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut $1.5
This War of Mine $7.5
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist $10
Torchlight II $3.3
Trials Fusion™ $5.8
Undertale $6
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide $23
XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Pack $8.8


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I am now practically unemployable by everything I read. Any advice?

  1. I am to old to be in IT. 58
  2. Current technical skills are not the current. No C++, C#, Java, or .Net
  3. Credit rating shot from 2 years of unemployment
  4. No recent employer over the last two years
I am 58 and have been unemployed for 2 years. Although I have just barely been able to keep up with my bills between unemployment and some contract work I still have been late in paying some bill thus redit rating is not great. For the past 10 to 15 years I have worked in IT as a working project manager and small IT department manager for a small auto insurance company in Chicago. By working manager I mean I still get my hands dirty with code.
Although I have passable skills in such things as Ruby, Python, and can read X(HTML), CSS, and XML I really haven't done much in the way of Web programming. Most of my work has been in creating custom desktop applications for small insurance companies. By creating I mean designing the applications and databases (SQL) coding, testing, installing, and training usually with a small team of programmer being brought on-board at the coding phase. Most of this work has been done using a product called Clarion Topspeed which is a unique OOP/procedural compiled language with a framework development environment for doing CRUD type systems. This framework has fallen out of favor over the last 3-4 years do to the companies decision to create a .NET equivalent. (Why buy Topspeed .Net when you can buy the original MS .Net products - makes sense to me.)
Generally most of the work environment over the past 20 - 25 years has been with small to medium companies or software consulting firms requiring me to wear many different hats and required being flexible in seeking out cheap non traditional solutions to problems. Examples;
Small manufacturing company whose accounting, invoicing, and inventory where highly customized packages written in Cobol and ran on old outdated Wang VS hardware. The company could not afford to purchase new packages, up-to date hardware, and re-implement all of their custom changes.
Solution, purchase a Virtual Machine software package which allows the new Dell server to run the old Wang OS and modified Cobol packages. Proceed with additional enhancements in the Linux environment using simple transfer programs written in python to move data from the proprietary Wang ISAM type files to MySql databases running on a second server.
Cage cashiers at a local casino where manually recording all transactions and doing mid and end of shift balancing all by hand which was error prone and time consuming (overtime). When the casino went coinless on the slot machines each cashier window was required to have a PC with scanner to read bar coded slot machine slips for redemption. This offered the opportunity to create an entire cage cashiering system in Excel VBA (do to allowable corporate standard). Cut overtime by half and transcription/calculation errors by 50%. System was so intuitive each cashier only require 30-40 min. training.
Installed several custom systems with stringent time and cost budgets using the unique features of the Clarion Topspeed product think Ruby on Rails for desktop applications.
Created custom system to read through printed image files of HCFA (hospital claim forms) to create custom data conversion programs requiring minimal tweaking where as before programmer would have to sit with a print ruler and create custom conversion table containing X,Y coordinates.
I love computers and technology and what it can do for individuals and companies but never really became a fanboy of any particular programming language, hardware, or operating system. I have coded in everything from IBM assembler and Cobol to Cobol on mini's and PC, I have written code in Topspeed, Perl, Python, Ruby, FoxPro, C, and even some Basic and VB. I have created systems on IBM DEC, Wang, and PC's. I have run systems on IBM 360/370, Unix, MS DOS through XP, as well as various flavors of Linux. I have created, enhanced, or maintained software for accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, general ledger, inventory, bill of material, invoicing, claim processing, policy management, travel agency, catering, and physician office. I have worked for large fortune 500 companies, big 8 accounting firms, and small software/consulting companies. I have traveled from the east to the west coast in these endeavor as well a London and the Bahamas. I have trained individuals as well as classes with 15 to 20 clients. I have worked various trade shows and been extensively involved presales implementation and post sales.
I apologize for the rant just feeling a little frustrated today.
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[H] Game(s) [W] Paypal/Offers / tf2/dota keys (treasure)

This will be updated
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[H] Big inventory (200+ games) [W] Steam Wallet/Want List/Humble Bundle/Bundle Stars #4/$$$$$/Offers

Link to inventory if you don't want to read my wall of text - If it's not listed below, it means I am unlikely to trade unless it's a good offer.
Ctrl + F is your friend in this thread
##Currently interested in trading my gift copy of Fallout 3: GOTY for a steam key of Fallout 3: GOTY + something small
##Also interested in getting in getting Humble Bundle Above Average, Bundlestars #4, Doom BFG and Fallout NV:UE keys from GG bundle for $4/$5. Indie Gala Flash not so much
I do not make offers or list prices, so stop saying "What can you do for xxx?" or "How much for xxx?" I do make counter-offers after initial offers have been made if you have anything I am interested in. Mention if you can do Wallet/Paypal/Amazon Gift in your offer also
350+ rep on steam profile
When making an offer, use this following format
My (offer) for your ('item of choice')
Can buy games off you via PayPal/Steam Wallet at sales price, provided it is a game I want
Inventory listing by TradeStarter
UPlay games - See this guide how to activate your key
Games for Windows Live games - 1 tf2 key special price, direct download will be provided
Want - Bold = More desired than the others
These games I would accept despite already owning them - Must be in gift form and choosing games from my existing inventory
Will accept PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, Steam Wallet, TF2 crate keys and Origin keys. No Dota2 crate keys
Only accepting game keys if they are games I want and they must be accompanied with receipt
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[H] Big inventory (200+ games) [W] Steam Wallet/Want List/$$$$$/Offers

Link to inventory if you don't want to read my wall of text - If it's not listed below, it means I am unlikely to trade unless it's a good offer.
Ctrl + F is your friend in this thread
Currently interested in trading my gift copy of Bioshock 2 for a steam key of Bioshock 2 + something small and my gift copy of Fallout 3: GOTY for a steam key of Fallout 3: GOTY + something small
Also interested in getting Doom BFG and Fallout NV:UE keys from GG bundle for $4/$5
I do not make offers or list prices, so stop saying "What can you do for xxx?" or "How much for xxx?" I do make counter-offers after initial offers have been made if you have anything I am interested in. Mention if you can do Wallet/Paypal/Amazon Gift in your offer also
350+ rep on steam profile
When making an offer, use this following format
My (offer) for your ('item of choice')
Can buy games off you via PayPal/Steam Wallet at sales price, provided it is a game I want
Inventory listing by TradeStarter
UPlay games - See this guide how to activate your key
Games for Windows Live games - 1 tf2 key special price, direct download will be provided
Want - Bold = More desired than the others
These games I would accept despite already owning them - Must be in gift form and choosing games from my existing inventory
Will accept PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, Steam Wallet, TF2 crate keys and Origin keys. No Dota2 crate keys
Only accepting game keys if they are games I want and they must be accompanied with receipt
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Inventory Management System With Accounts in VB.Net What's the Best Driver's Car of 2019? Mustang Shelby ... GTA 5 Online - Transaction failed because inventory or ... GTA 5 Online - Transaction failed because inventory or ... GTA 5 Online - Transaction failed because inventory or ... Casio SE-S400 SE-S800 SE-S3000 PCR-T500 PCR-T520 How To Save Till Program Using SD Card GTA 5 WEEKLY DISCOUNTS LOTS OF WARSTOCK DISCOUNTS! GOOD PODIUM VEHICLE! ( new car ) I Opened A Free Car Dealership - YouTube 10 Tricks Casinos Don't Want You To Know - YouTube How Car Dealerships Rip You Off (The Truth) - YouTube

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[index] [14254] [54] [16367] [31015] [33922] [4145] [33753] [6709] [19066] [1943]

Inventory Management System With Accounts in VB.Net

GTA WEEKLY DISCOUNTS FACILITYS, KHANJALI AND THRUSTER ON SALE - Duration: 2:41. JulioDoe 1,440 views. 2:41. How To Win The Lucky Wheel Podium Car EVERY SINGLE TIME In GTA 5 Online! (UPDATED 2020 ... Welcome to the highly anticipated MotorTrend 2019 Best Driver’s Car competition! Ride along with hosts Jonny Lieberman, Jethro Bovingdon, and SCCA Hall of Fa... All I can say is, it sucks, and it seems that Rockstar either doesn't want to fix it, or ignore the problems on purposeVideos mention in this video:GTA 5 Onl... I should have earn around $66,000, instead, I got ZERO, seems we have the same old problem that Rockstar doesn't pay us when they don't feel like, I hope the... Auto Bank Up and Restore 8. Stock Management etc.. Category Education; Show more Show less. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next ... This video means a lot to me, i'm so happy with how it went!BRAND NEW Merch - OR I TAKE YOUR DOG-----... Casio SE-S400 SE-S800 SE-S3000 PCR-T500 PCR-T520 How To Save Till Program Using SD Card. For further assistance please visit In this video I explain exactly how car dealerships rip you off. A lot of car dealerships implement the four square method, which is just a simple way to mak... Has this happen to you that you think you have done your resupply only realise that you haven't? Also there are some bugs in this game, but almost all online... Having a flutter 'on red' or playing a few hands of cards can be a great way for your average punter to blow off a bit of steam. But for the casinos, this is...